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valentines day 2017

SHAKE IT UP MIX IT UP STIR IT UP Admittedly, one of our favorite pastimes at WORKSHOP8 is cocktail hour. We try to find every possible opportunity to have a drink: birthday and holiday celebrations, monthly money meeting, anniversary dates, stuffing valentines envelopes, cleaning the office. . . you get the gist. TRY ONE, OR […]

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Ivan — AIA North Chapter Intern of the Year 2017

WHY IVAN IS A GREAT INTERN (AND PERSON) First of all, all of us hard-working, black turtle-neckin’, coffee drinking wannabes are technically interns until we become licensed architects. Then and only then can we purchase a pair of “architect” glasses, order a rubber stamp, take on liability that no one really wants and try to […]

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crazy 8 | 2017

EIGHT EIGHTS FOR JANUARY 8th 2017 #1 Room number at the historic Brown Palace Hotel in Denver. You have to go to the top floor to see the art deco door numbers. #2 Bus stop 8, Willemstad Curacao. #3 Sofa cushions at the WORKSHOP8 studio. #4 Chalk art. #5 Irrigation tubing at the Aerie. #6 Hotel […]

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house tech

SMART HOME AUTOMATION Congratulations! If you are reading this blog post, you have survived the holidays! Gone are the stressful days of finding that perfect present for others and now you can look forward to playing with your new toys or finding something to buy with those gift cards… …but what to buy? Fear not, for […]

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creative endeavors

stuff we do for fun If you are an avid reader of this blog, you already know that creating it is something that I really enjoy. Today I’m sharing with you some creative endeavors my team and I participate in that keep us rejuvenated. Melissa: Marketing Manger & Graphic Designer Mel is an amazing musician and plays in several local bands! […]

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marital rating scale

month of modern 2016 wrap party On October 27th we all got dressed up in our mid-mod finest and headed over to BMoCA for the Month of Modern 2016 Wrap Party. Here are Chelsea and Melissa making a selection from the cigarette girl box. Photo by Poppies & Paisley. You can see a bunch more great photos here. let […]

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it’s got wheels!

it’s got wheels! crazy old bikes Not to get all political, but if you voted here in Colorado this election, you may have noticed on your ballot a question regarding the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District tax renewal.  In a nutshell, the SCFD tax is a small tax that everyone pays when they buy something […]

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