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beefcake architects

How handsome are these three men? Joseph, Kaku and jv are in the current issue of Modern in Denver. Pick up your issue at a location listed here or subscribe so it comes right to your house. The article is titled “Room for All” is about affordable housing design in Denver. It features WORKSHOP8′s South […]

just say yes to the bike

When Amory Narvaes, with Narvaes Western Construction, asked if WORKSHOP8 was interested in helping James Waddell create new offices and bike-shop for Boulder B-cycle,  I immediately said “YES!” How could I say no, I love cycling and bikes. B-cycle is a great community bike-share non-profit organization in Boulder, Denver and over 28 cities around the USA, including locations in Hawaii and Alaska. B-cycle stations allow […]

the art of construction

You may already know that my favorite aspect of my job at WORKSHOP8 is marketing, and specifically blog posts. I like sharing what WORKSHOP8 is up to. I like posting photos and images of our projects. And I especially love when I get good feedback from you. Hint, hint. Today I get to do something […]

DAM summer is…

The Denver Art Museum recently sent out a request for proposals for a 2014 Summer Installation in DAM’s main plaza. WORKSHOP8 had fun pulling ideas from all over: Geodesic domes, metal tubing walls, undulating green topography, tape webs- we covered it all! After lots of brainstorming and filtering, we pulled together our ideas and materials […]

W8 heart YOU 2014!

wishing you a sweet 
2014 Valentines Day! from our team C Joseph Vigil IV architect jv DeSousa architect Ulla Lange interior designer V Brandy LeMae managing partner Ugljesa Janjic architect Ann Marie Jackson interior designer Nathan Stark architectural designer Emily Axtman intern architect Graham Bowman intern architect Alex Chavez intern architect Gaby Crespo intern architect In […]

think small, think beautiful, think functional!

That was my motto when designing the interior of this delightful 290 SF guest cottage in the Mapleton Historic District in Boulder. A former garage was converted into a relaxing, yet fun studio space that is enjoyed by the home owners and their guests alike. Small spaces work best, if clearly defined. Combining both striped […]

designers without boundaries

WORKSHOP8 is psyched to add Alex Chavez and Gaby Crespo to our team of hard working, dedicated designers! Gaby and Alex are are seniors in CU’s Environmental Design Program and members of the Designers Without Boundaries (DWB) Program. DWB is an academic scholarship program for first-generation and underrepresented students in the Environmental Design Program. The […]