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creative endeavors

stuff we do for fun If you are an avid reader of this blog, you already know that creating it is something that I really enjoy. Today I’m sharing with you some creative endeavors my team and I participate in that keep us rejuvenated. Melissa: Marketing Manger & Graphic Designer Mel is an amazing musician and plays in several local bands! […]

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marital rating scale

month of modern 2016 wrap party On October 27th we all got dressed up in our mid-mod finest and headed over to BMoCA for the Month of Modern 2016 Wrap Party. Here are Chelsea and Melissa making a selection from the cigarette girl box. Photo by Poppies & Paisley. You can see a bunch more great photos here. let […]

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it’s got wheels!

it’s got wheels! crazy old bikes Not to get all political, but if you voted here in Colorado this election, you may have noticed on your ballot a question regarding the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District tax renewal.  In a nutshell, the SCFD tax is a small tax that everyone pays when they buy something […]

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election day

Here I am enjoying this year’s World Series with friends. Typically I root for the San Francisco Giants and the Colorado Rockies, but anyone who is a fan of baseball has been secretly rooting for the Chicago Cubs for years (unless you are a St. Louis fan, in which case you feel almost as bad […]

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head to toe makeover

AOI home care TI Today I’m telling you the tale of transformation for one of our favorite clients, AOI Home Care. However, before I get started, allow me to diverge for a minute. All of the acronyms that we so commonly use in the construction industry drove the AOI crew crazy! It was like we were speaking in code […]

flying high

drones and architecture Yes, we’re in Colorado, no, we’re not talking about weed. We’re talking about drones! And architecture. Two of Ivan‘s favorite things (besides muscle cars, but that’s another blog for another day). A few weeks ago, when we were anticipating the opening of the Aerie, we were talking about how OUTRAGEOUSLY COOL it would […]

grand opening October 12th

spring creek I love starting new projects, but I get a ton of satisfaction out of seeing our projects come to fruition. Last week, on September 28th, our entire team attended the grand opening for DHA’s The Aerie. Next week, on October 12th, Longmont Housing Development Corporation’s Spring Creek will celebrate its grand opening, and you are invited! […]

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abstract realism

white walls Today I get to brag about a dear friend’s new artwork! Sarah McKenzie is a Boulder-based artist and her latest body of work, White Walls, is on view at David B Smith Gallery through October 8th. Sarah’s work is particularly relevant to a WORKSHOP8 blog because her paintings explore architectural space, turning it from a volume to be inhabited into a […]

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