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winter park dreamin’

CoBu house It’s Sunday night and I’ve been pondering for several days now what to blog about today. At first I thought maybe I’d tell you about a planning project we did for the Denver Housing Authority, but then I said to myself. . . “Hey, Brandy, it’s the weekend and you are writing a blog post while […]

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oh hey stanley!

Stanley Marketplace it’s getting there September 29th marks my two year anniversary date with WORKSHOP8 and I’ve been working on the Stanley Marketplace since my first day. I’ve had the honor of serving as the project and production manager, but it has been a real team effort. It’s been under construction for over a year, but […]

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it’s colombia not columbia

Emily Axtman’s 3 month sabbatical When I was leaving Cartagena, Colombia to come back to Colorado, I saw these t-shirts at the airport and thought they were pretty funny. I thought to myself, “Who thinks Colombia is spelled with a “u”??” Today, as I re-read my pre-travel blog-post, 91 days, I realized I am one […]

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introducing the Aerie

aerie: “a lofty nest of a big bird” “a house or fortress on a hill” It’s built! We’ve worked on all aspects of this project, from architecture to art and signage and interiors and furniture selection, pretty intensively for the past couple of years, and this baby, the Aerie, is finally ready for roosting! thanks for reading […]

all about that 8

Huzzah ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It’s International WORKSHOP8 Day! 8/8. . .  the best day of the year is here again! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we wanted to bring you up to speed with the goings-on at our studio over the past 12 months, as well as share with you some things you […]

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chicken coop porn

chicken coop porn! I don’t know about you guys, but over here at WORKSHOP8, we have all been crazy busy this summer! Crazy busy in the best way possible–working with awesome clients on really cool projects, and occasionally taking some vacation time here and there. I recently took a quick trip home to Pennsylvania to […]

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my grama and your grama

Colorado State Symbols On July 8th Chelsea blogged about her research into WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots) for the design of one of the restrooms at the Stanley Marketplace. That got me thinking that I should tell you about my research into Colorado state symbols for two commissioned art pieces that I’ve been working on for […]

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WASPs in the bathroom!

Women Airforce Service Pilots WORKSHOP8 has been working on an awesome adaptive reuse project, Stanley Marketplace, for awhile now. Since I started at WORKSHOP8, I have been working on creative and fun concepts for the restrooms in the Marketplace (you may remember the Party in the Potty blog post). As I was doing research on […]

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