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crank it forward

a cycling adventure  As you may know, I kind of like to ride bikes. You may also know I have spent some time on a few non-profit boards (CGBG and AIA). Well, I combined these two passions of mine and last November accepted a position on the Board of Directors of Cyclists 4 Community. Here […]

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W8 goes skiing

is that a banana in your pocket?  A couple of weeks ago, Marcel, Emily, and I had the opportunity to attend the Construction Resource Group’s  9th annual ski trip. The CRG is a coalition of different construction trades who come together to network, share industry news, and make business referrals. The event was made possible […]

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finding our voices I have had the opportunity over the last year and a half to serve on the Colorado North AIA Board as the Associate Director (2016) and now the President-Elect (2017). Every year, the President-Elect and President of each region travel to Washington, D.C. for the annual Grassroots Conference, an AIA leadership event. […]

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design movies

RAISE YOUR DESIGN IQ ONE MOVIE AT A TIME We have a studio meeting every Monday at 11:30. We are supposed to talk about what we’ll be getting done in the upcoming week, but inevitably we start chatting about extraneous issues. Last Monday Marcel was telling us about a documentary he recently watched called “Minimalism”. That got […]

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reuse that dish!

DISH IT OUT You know those little weird grayish-black circular things that are sometimes hanging off of the corners of houses or condos, pointing up at the sky, leaking a few crooked wires down the side of the structure, and in general just really screwing up the whole gestalt of the building? If you’ve ever spent […]

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introducing Spring Creek

SPRING HAS SPRUNG Well, okay, maybe not quite yet. But we did just get glamor shots of Spring Creek Apartments taken and we can’t wait to share them with you! Ryan Lawrence handled the photography on this one. EXTERIOR Let’s not forget that not too long ago, this is what Spring Creek looked like! I took […]

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valentines day 2017

SHAKE IT UP MIX IT UP STIR IT UP Admittedly, one of our favorite pastimes at WORKSHOP8 is cocktail hour. We try to find every possible opportunity to have a drink: birthday and holiday celebrations, monthly money meeting, anniversary dates, stuffing valentines envelopes, cleaning the office. . . you get the gist. TRY ONE, OR […]

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Ivan — AIA North Chapter Intern of the Year 2017

WHY IVAN IS A GREAT INTERN (AND PERSON) First of all, all of us hard-working, black turtle-neckin’, coffee drinking wannabes are technically interns until we become licensed architects. Then and only then can we purchase a pair of “architect” glasses, order a rubber stamp, take on liability that no one really wants and try to […]

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