mural morals

tips for painting a mural The team—front: Kate, Emily, Melissa, Shawn; back: Chelsea, Brandy, Amanda, Marcel, Joseph, and me (Ivan). how it began Every Monday morning, promptly at 11-ish, the WORKSHOP8 team assembles for “stand up,” an hour-long meeting where we discuss opportunities and the status of our projects. It was at one of these […]

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story of a logo

forward If you know WORKSHOP8, you know that we provide architecture and interior design for multifamily, single family, and commercial projects. You might also know that we do urban design and community engagement. What you may not know is that we also provide print, web, and experiential graphic design. And it is all my fault. […]

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client appreciation party 2015

welcome to hickory house WORKSHOP8 hosted our first ever client appreciation party on August 28th. It was a beautiful eventing for a garden party at Hickory House. Our house doesn’t look too bad for being 12 years old! (An example of how building with higher quality products actually leads to a lower long term cost.) food […]

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we’re talking some crap!

Brandy was really hesitant to let me write a blog post about composting toilets. I mean, she’s an artist and loves beautiful things! And for sure, at first glance, a composting toilet is ANYTHING but beautiful. First of all, we have to talk about poop to talk about composting toilets. Goodness gracious. But really, once […]

WORKSHOP8 against humanity

WORKSHOP8 Against Humanity — a sarcastic approach to understanding your architects and designers. [This post is meant to be humorous, and is our spoof on an edgy popular adult card game. If you are easily offended (or not old enough to watch R rated movies), please skip this post and rejoin our online newsletter conversations next week.] […]

happy international WORKSHOP8 day!

Huzzah! The best day of the year is here again! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we wanted to share with you some things you maybe did not know about WORKSHOP8, as well as bring you up to date with current going-ons at our studio over the past 12 months. STUFF WE’VE DONE FOR FUN participated […]

meet juniper wealth advisors

It’s always nice to work with clients who have great taste and a shared vision— Juniper Wealth Advisors was just such a client and I wanted to introduce them to you and show you their space. Pictured let to right are Paul Sussman, MBA, Michael Walsh, CFP®,  Amy Hiett, MBA, and Chris O’Neill The rendering […]

W8 triple bypass. . .

No, we’re not having health problems, nor are we open heart surgeons! But we were sucking wind. . . Last Saturday, five of us from WORKSHOP8 World Headquarters along with two honorary team members—Marcel’s fiance, Monika and W8 client, Morgan Young—did the Triple Bypass Ride 2015. After a Friday night WORKSHOP8 carb-loading party with two birthday cakes […]