does size really matter?

what’s the deal with micro housing anyway? Living small may seem like a new trend, but it really isn’t. Remember that college dorm room you lived in or the first studio apartment you rented after college? Living small could free you up from being buried by too much stuff and give you the opportunity get […]

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poster child

Amanda Lohry was our student intern for the Fall semester and she made this poster to commemorate her time with us. (It was also an assignment from her school, although if she hadn’t done this, Brandy would probably have asked her to write a blog, so she kinda got off easy.) Amanda’s “workmester” (get it? […]

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today is the day

Whatta Man — a new series of pop art paintings by Velvet B. LeMae on exhibit January 8 to March 28, 2016 OPENING RECEPTION TODAY, 6 to 8 PM Mercury Framing 4692 Broadway Street Boulder, Colorado, 80304

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home is where the heart is

housing. I am passionate about providing housing. When I’m 70, just about to hit my architectural prime, I want to be able to sit in a big dark leather chair (not real leather) with my feet up on an ottoman Kate Van Sluyter would pick out, sipping some whiskey on the rocks, and count how many […]

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colorado gives day

Today is Colorado Gives Day. If you haven’t given yet, please visit the site right now and make a donation! For the first time ever, I asked each member of our team to select an organization and WORKSHOP8 made a $100 donation in their honor to each one. Melissa chose Karis Community Untreated mental illness […]

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happy thanksgiving

I’m thankful for the excellent community of individuals we are surrounded by and fortunate to work with. Thank YOU to all our wonderful friends for this past year of project collaboration—to each of you, client, builder, sub-consultant, vendor, teams we’ve designed with and so many more—we couldn’t do what we do without you! We are […]

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oh yeah, we also won an award!

I am going to keep this one nice and short. On October 8th, Shawn told you all about what inspired all of us at this year’s AIA Design Conference, what we forgot to mention was that one of our projects was recognized with a design award! The Jamestown Volunteer Fire Station won a Citation Award […]

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another inspired architect (AIA)

You may think aspiring architects watch shows like Seinfeld with George Constanza as Art Vandelay, and the Brady Bunch with Mike the architect. But, what aspiring architects really like to do is go and see architects in real life presenting their work to a huge crowd of adoring fans. A couple of weeks ago, I […]

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