motorcycles and mikolajs

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the the latest additions to the WORKSHOP8 family. I told you about Marcel in November and then Melissa ten days ago, now I want to introduce you to Katarzyna Kubiak-Smulka. Her name is a mouthful for me, so luckily she says it is okay if we all call her Kasia.  Kasia […]

lucky charm

On November 18th, I introduced you to Marcel van Garderen who started with WORKSHOP8 in September. Melissa McGinley started just a week later on October 9th and she is our little lucky charm. Read on to learn more about just what a rock-star she really is!  Melissa sent me her resume in May when I first started thinking of […]

double dutch

Our first “Dutchman,” Kate Van Sluyter started with WORKSHOP8 in June, in September we welcomed Marcel van Garderen. . .  Let the double dutch action begin! Please indulge me while I tell you a little bit about Marcel. You can reach him at, if you’d like to say, “Hi.” Born and raised in Amsterdam, […]

today we build a chair

This afternoon I’m sitting on my front stoop, sipping an Izzi and watching Emily, Melissa, Graham and Joseph design and construct a chair for this year’s CHAIRCUTERIE: an AIGA Colorado & Design Council event. It’s a beautiful day for putting on thinking caps and strapping on a tool belt. And look how cute they all are! The […]

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lines, and tax credits, and bears! oh my!

I know, tax credit financing isn’t exactly what comes to mind for most people when they think “Ohhhhhhh, that’s exciting!” But when it helps convert good design into efficient and comfortable housing that is accessible to people from all walks of life, it’s pretty durn exciting. This summer, WORKSHOP8 was lucky to assist two mission-driven developers […]

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a cinderella-ish story

This month, the tale of WORKSHOP8 was featured on AIA Colorado’s blog, which is exciting for us! Of course you can read it on their blog, but we’ve posted it here just to make it even easier for you to enjoy. With pictures, so you don’t have to imagine as hard. The WORKSHOP8 Story In […]

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modern in october

Opening night of the Month of Modern was a hit!  The “Colorado Modern: Past, Present & Future” discussion was held at Galvanize in Boulder and the place was packed. Attendees included design professionals, contractors, students, clients, and one sassy moderator. Why is everybody interested in modern design? Is it the latest fad or is it […]

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i want my MoM!!

WORKSHOP8 loves all that is modern, and for the month of October we are joining forces with our Boulder colleagues to celebrate it! The Month of Modern (MoM) will showcase all things modern—architecture, design, lifestyle, art and culture; with a mission to “cultivate a conversation about Colorado modern, and present the Denver/Boulder region as one of the nation’s most […]

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