happy thanksgiving

I’m thankful for the excellent community of individuals we are surrounded by and fortunate to work with. Thank YOU to all our wonderful friends for this past year of project collaboration—to each of you, client, builder, sub-consultant, vendor, teams we’ve designed with and so many more—we couldn’t do what we do without you! We are […]

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oh yeah, we also won an award!

I am going to keep this one nice and short. On October 8th, Shawn told you all about what inspired all of us at this year’s AIA Design Conference, what we forgot to mention was that one of our projects was recognized with a design award! The Jamestown Volunteer Fire Station won a Citation Award […]

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another inspired architect (AIA)

You may think aspiring architects watch shows like Seinfeld with George Constanza as Art Vandelay, and the Brady Bunch with Mike the architect. But, what aspiring architects really like to do is go and see architects in real life presenting their work to a huge crowd of adoring fans. A couple of weeks ago, I […]

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right place, right time (or) showing up is half the battle

My story of NOT winning a design competition. Take a little trip back in time with me.  spring 1988 During my second year design studio, back when I was just 20 years old, our instructor Kim Saporito, came to us and said, “Our next project is going to be a design competition for the Boulder-Dushanbe […]

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imagine a great boulder

A couple of days ago, on October 6th, I did something I’ve dreaded since I was in grade school: speak in front of people–close to 250 at Boulder’s E-Town Hall. I made sure to get a good night’s rest, eat a hearty breakfast, and act cool around my coworkers. After downing 3 alcoholic beverages 30 minutes […]

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mural morals

tips for painting a mural The team—front: Kate, Emily, Melissa, Shawn; back: Chelsea, Brandy, Amanda, Marcel, Joseph, and me (Ivan). how it began Every Monday morning, promptly at 11-ish, the WORKSHOP8 team assembles for “stand up,” an hour-long meeting where we discuss opportunities and the status of our projects. It was at one of these […]

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story of a logo

forward If you know WORKSHOP8, you know that we provide architecture and interior design for multifamily, single family, and commercial projects. You might also know that we do urban design and community engagement. What you may not know is that we also provide print, web, and experiential graphic design. And it is all my fault. […]

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client appreciation party 2015

welcome to hickory house WORKSHOP8 hosted our first ever client appreciation party on August 28th. It was a beautiful eventing for a garden party at Hickory House. Our house doesn’t look too bad for being 12 years old! (An example of how building with higher quality products actually leads to a lower long term cost.) food […]

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