celebrate colorado architecture!

Celebrate Spring 2015 and Colorado Architecture Month with the WORKSHOP8 posse. Every April, we observe Colorado Architecture Month, a 30-day appreciation of Colorado architecture and design hosted by The American Institute of Architects Colorado chapter (AIA Colorado). During the month, you can attend a series of public events throughout the state which highlight the importance of architecture […]

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welcome back, berry

Before Shawn Berry was born, there was a show on TV that I liked to watch called “Welcome Back, Kotter” about a teacher who comes back to his alma mater to teach. In February we had the opportunity to welcome back Shawn Berry to WORKSHOP8. Shawn was an architectural intern with WORKSHOP8 from 2009 to […]

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creating creativity

“Creativity is not like the weather, you can do something about it.” — John Kao Way back in 2003 when I was elbow deep in graduate school at the University of Montana, I wrote a thesis about the places creativity happens. My thesis abstract read: “Certain places stimulate us by flooding our senses with new […]

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show me your schluter!

I love industry trips! Who wouldn’t like a free trip, great food (typically), a chance to meet new people, and an opportunity to learn new things?? I’ve been to Wisconsin to see the Weather Shield manufacturing facility in Medford. While we were there, we also visited the Cardinal Glass Plant in Spring Green, and saw how […]

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making good on a promise

Without our clients and colleagues, we wouldn’t get to do what we love and we wouldn’t have the opportunity live our mission to “inspire, transform, and enrich lives through design.” I can truly say, that each and every project is important to us, and we try our hardest to give everything we can to each […]

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catching fire!

I moved to Boulder to work at WORKSHOP8 two weeks after the 2013 floods that devastated many of our communities. One day shortly after I started, I sat down with Brandy with a sketch of my vision for how we could help affected communities. We made a few phone calls to some leads who might know of how we […]

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meet Chelsea!

Please help us welcome Chelsea Semelka to WORKSHOP8! Born and raised on a vineyard on the shores of Lake Erie, Chelsea’s family instilled in her a love of the outdoors, passion for creativity, and appreciation of hard work. Chelsea joined our team on December 1st. She is the newest member of our Interior Design Department […]

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be our valentine!

Each year around Valentines Day, we spend some time thinking about the people who help to make WORKSHOP8 great—those of you who trust us with your business, consultants who collaborate with us to help us imagine and design great projects, and those of you we still haven’t had a chance to work with but hope […]