8 JAN 13 | phone-ography!

W8 UPDATE / 08 January 2013

my pics included in the current Winter 2012 issue of Modern in Denver magazine (MiD)

A couple of months ago William Logan from Modern in Denver magazine called me at the office to find out if anyone from WORKSHOP8 would be interested in contributing to his concept “phone-ography” for the Winter issue. I was thrilled to say yes because it had been years since I had done any art. After some research, I downloaded several photo apps onto my iPhone including, PicStitchAviaryCamera+ and Instagram and started shooting away (I ended up using mostly Camera+ for the photos I submitted to MiD).

William explained to me that some of the design professionals he asked already had concepts, such as vintage cars. I on the other hand, had no idea what I was going to do, so I just started walking around taking pictures of stuff I saw on my walks, stuff at my daughter’s school, random flowers.  .  . and things around my house. As I began developing a concept, I realized that the photos that appealed to me most where the photos I took of things in my home. Personal things. The people and animals I love. My art. And myself. The final group of images printed on page 63, is basically a self-portrait. The images really show what a homebody I am, and—as much as I hate to admit it—they show how much I love STUFF.

Here are the images I selected and the little explanation I wrote for the magazine:

My inspiration comes from my home and the people (and animals) who live in it with me. Turns out—I’m not a minimalist. I love my art, my tatts, my lips, and my stuff. The objects in my house have a connection to me, someone I’ve loved, or a memory I want to keep. It may just be stuff, but it has meaning and tells a story about my family.

row 1: my lips, a view from our bed, jade flowers from my grandmother Virginia, a geisha doll from my grandmother Trudy
row 2: some cool seed pods collected in San Francisco, a vintage kimono from my great-aunt Monte, our parrotlet Peter, our sweet pound puppy Sam
row 3: a painting by me, Joseph and Carmen in the kitchen posing with juice I made, pin up photos of me from 18 years ago plus a cool soap bar sculpture from a grage sale, the tattoo on my right shoulder
row 4: the tattoo on my left shoulder, my favorite shoes on a Flokati rug, my gorgeous daughter, my husband’s mouth

And some additional images that were not published.


And finally, I just want to wish very happy birthdays to Joseph Vigil—WORKSHOP’s very own 2012 AIA CO North Chapter Architect of the Year—who turns 45 today and Ulla Lange who celebrates her birthday on January 12th.

V Brandy LeMae, LEED AP
managing partner



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