18 SEP 13 | colorado flood 2013

Just a little info to bring you up to date on the flooding in Colorado.


image curtesy of Garian Vigil / Joseph’s boyhood home

the numbers
current September rain fall in Boulder: 17.18 inches
average Boulder rain fall for September: 1.7 inches
colorado counties affected by flooding: 17
homes destroyed: 1,600
homes damaged: 17,500
businesses lost: 200
cost of damage: $1 billion +
evacuated: 11,750
unaccounted for: 600
confirmed deaths to date: 8

tips if you had flooding
register with FEMA
get the wet stuff out ASAP to avoid mold
most of the flood water was contaminated, so wash everything it touched
document your loss as best as possible with photos/video and records, to the extent they are available*
to the extent possible, protect your property from further damage – keep records of costs associated with such efforts*
solidify communications with your insurance carrier representatives in writing*

*from Chris Rockers at Matrix Business Consulting. Matrix can help you with insurance negotiations if you find you need that.

how you can help
I’m sure there are many organizations accepting donations, but here are two that W8 has supported with $100 donations, please considering donating money if you can:

United Way Foothills Flood Relief Fund for Boulder and Broomfield Counties

Lyons Community Foundation

Housing and Basic Needs for Flood Victims (set up by my friend Sheri Michael)

how the W8 team was affected
Luckily our office which is located in the flood plain didn’t get a drop of water inside so we are able to continue working. All-in-all we are feeling quite fortunate, but those of us living in Boulder were affected in one way or another.

Graham lost power two days.

Ulla’s basement suffered some water damage.

Ali had about 12,000 gallons of water in his crawl space and lost his furnace. His roof leaked and caused some damage as well.

 jv had muddy flood water flow into a rental house he owns and has been removing muddy carpet and other items for a couple of days. And, to top it off, he killed his car trying to get home after a business trip when he drove through a two foot deep “puddle”.

Joseph and I had 22 inches of water (about 16,000 gallons) in our lower lever which served as our library, family room, art studio and apartment for Joseph’s dad. Pretty much everything down there was destroyed. Our home town of Lyons (where Joseph and I both went to elementary and high school) is almost completely under water. Joseph’s mother’s home is more likely than not a total loss. Joseph’s cousin, as well as several  school friends, have been displaced.

Please send your good thoughts out to all who have suffered a loss and if you have money to donate, please do.

Thanks a bunch.

Brandy LeMae
managing partner
303 442 3700