18. DEC 13 | south lowell glam shots

Back in August, I shared some construction photos with you of the South Lowell Apartments, for the Denver Housing Authority. Just in time for the holidays, I have some final “glam shots” to share.

South Lowell took a 1970’s era, courtyard style apartment building, in need of intense repair, and re-vamped the existing 68 units, adding a new 28-unit apartment building on the interior. Thinking “inside the box”, the design maintained the scale and proportions of the existing two-story structure, while creating a dynamic interior courtyard space, uniting the new and old through exterior walkways and bridges.


This was a bit of a challenging project and required extremely close collaboration between the Owner, Architect and Contractor; Denver Housing Authority (DHA), WORKSHOP8 and Pinkard Construction, respectively. Each member of the team played a key role that was critical to the ongoing design and development of a program that could be financed within the context of the available funding sources. The team’s collaborative work has produced a more vibrant, active and healthier community.


Sunrise! Fountain graphic by three sixty design.

Photo credit: Daniel O’Connor


New building on the left, original building on the right.

Photo credit: Daniel O’Connor

A new bridge “catwalk” connects the two buildings.

Photo credit: Daniel O’Connor


View from the “catwalk”. Existing building on the right, new on the left.

Photo credit: Daniel O’Connor


View of the “catwalk” on the left, new building on the right.

Photo credit: Daniel O’Connor


Morning shot of the new building.

Photo credit: Ed LaCasse


View from the new building down in to the spray fountain.

Photo credit: Daniel O’Connor


Another shot of the bridge.

Photo credit: Daniel O’Connor


The spray fountain heads are visible within the blue and white circles in the courtyard.

Photo credit: Daniel O’Connor

And finally a shot to remember what we started with!

I’m happy to announce that all 96 units are occupied and I hope the new tenants appreciate and enjoy the spaces and design as much as I do.

The W8 team wishes you a joyful holiday season!