28 AUG 14 | lyons and lycra

The one year anniversary of the floods that devastated numerous communities in Colorado is a couple weeks away. The storm waters destroyed homes, roads, trees and took human lives. One of the communities that was most affected was the Town of Lyons.

The Town of Lyons after the September 2013 floods. Photo from the Times Union.

Now, I’ve got two confessions to make.

First, Both Brandy and I grew up in Lyons and my mother still lives there. She was displaced for four months, but is comfortably back in her house. However, there are over 100 households that are not as fortunate. There is substantial rebuilding that needs to occur for the community to get back to “normal”.

Regina Vigil’s house after the flooding in Lyons, CO.

Second, I am an avid cyclist. Yes, I am one of those people clad in tight lycra, riding on the side of the road that you shake your fist at.

One Bright and Breezy Morning“; Cartoon from The Bristol Cycle.

At this point you are asking yourself what this has to do with my first confession… I am glad you asked. Please read on!

For the last five years I have been participating in a weekly group cycling ride that leaves from Amante Coffee, in North Boulder, at 6:30 am every Wednesday, from May through September. Prior to the floods we would often ride to Jamestown, or the “Fruit Loops” through Lyons. After the flood, these routes were unavailable.

Last December, the Wednesday Morning Velo organized a fundraiser to help the Jamestown community. Our group set up an auction, collected donations, and coordinated a group ride to Jamestown, all of which raised money for the Town. The final tally was over $130,000!

Me doing the ride to Jamestown last December.

On September 13th of this year we are turning our attention to the Town of Lyons, and our goal is to raise $200,000, which will be given to the Lyons Community Foundation. As we did with the Jamestown event, there will be an auction, music, and of course, a bike ride. In our efforts to raise as much money for Lyons as possible, we will have MORE music, MORE auction items, THREE different rides (road, mountain, and cruiser) and… wait for it… a BEER GARDEN! We are putting together an ALL DAY EVENT to celebrate the resiliency of the community and to give back to them as a “thank you” for putting up with our lycra clad butts riding through their town.


SO, please . . .




Join us

. . . in Lyons, CO on September 13th for bike riding, great music, and fantastic beer by local brewers; all in a beautiful setting that is slowly healing but is definitely getting back on its feet!

Learn more:
Join the Cyclists 4 Lyons community!
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Listen to some of the bands:
The Infamous Stringdusters
Arthur Lee Land
Bonnie and The Clydes

Dig on some of the breweries:
Avery Brewery
Boulder Beer
Left Hand Brewery
Upslope Brewery


Much thanks,

C Joseph Vigil IV, AIA
Lyons High School class of 1986