08 JAN 15 | crazy 8


I like taking pictures of 8s.
January 8th is exactly one week after New Year’s Day and two weeks after Christmas Day.
It also happens to be my birthday.

crazy 8 chip_600

Wind blown debris from someone’s recycling bin. This is the “8” that kicked off the series.

crazy 8 modmarket_600

Food buzzer at mod market. . . a place I can take my daughter and get her to eat some greens.

crazy 8 penny_600

Antique Japanese “magic” trick passed down to Brandy from her Grandmother.

crazy 8 street sign_600

Sign found at a cool South Broadway modern antique store going out of business. 🙁
Why didn’t I buy this?

crazy 8 tattoo_600

My super cool WORKSHOP8 valentine tattoo from last year.

crazy 8 tin wall panel_600

Wall panel found at Leadville Colorado restaurant. Do you know the name, cuz I don’t remember?

crazy W8 asphalt_600

Holy crap, a W8 painted on the street during road construction after the 2013 flood. . .  two blocks from our house.

crazy8 door joseph_600

Selfie in an awesome mini cooper at the McGuckin parking lot. Damn, that should be my car.

By the way, can you name some famous people with birthdays on this date?