8 FEB 16 | #kissfaceselfie

we want your kiss


what does a kiss face selfie have to do with architecture interiors, graphics and art?

Well, technically nothing. . . but our annual valentines are a way to express our creativity and show you how much we love you.

We hope you’ll play along and take your own kiss face selfie!

guess whose kiss we are wearing


Want some hints?

I’m WORKSHOP8’s “material girl“.
Joseph has never worn fishnet stockings or lipstick, but he sure is “sweet“.
Emily shows her “love” for architecture every day.
Kate is very concerned about client “satisfaction“.
Marcel could certainly “lick it up” if he had a tongue like that.
Chelsea does indeed believe that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend“.
Melissa works really well “under pressure“.
Shaun ain’t “nothing but a hound dog“.
Ivan is ready for his “kissing test“.

Visit our make your own kiss face selfie page to play along and see the original photos.

Ivan and Melissa made the annual chocolate run and Ivan made a commemorative video, check it out.

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I’m WORKSHOP8’s creative director and I’ve been working in art, design, and architecture since 1994. Before starting WORKSHOP8 (formerly VaST) with Joseph in 2001, I had a boutique graphic design studio called blink creative.

I was born in Venice Beach California, and tomorrow I turn 49. If you want to come and help me celebrate, I’ll be at the St. Julian Hotel from 5:15 to 7:30, Tuesday, February 9th. Come by and have a drink with me. 900 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80302

Thanks for reading,

Brandy LeMae
8 February 2016