8 APR 16 | having fun with animation

we love learning new stuff

Back in February I showed off some cool renderings we did in-house just because we like to do stuff like that (yep, even when we don’t get paid. . . it is actually sort of a problem in our industry, but that is a story for another day).

Today I thought I’d share some animations that Ivan and Melissa have been working on. . . just for fun. Let me know what you think.


Ivan challenged himself to learn an animation software called Twinmotion. Using his free 30 day trial, he created an animation for a project that is currently in Design Development (known as DD): Fall River at Prairie Village. The software costs $1,600 and this animation took between 20 to 25 hours and would be valued at about $2,000.


check out the Fall River animation on WORKSHOP8tvwatch here



There is a video we love to show to architecture and design students called, “So you want to be an Architect.” We find it to be hilariously true (beware of the language: consider yourself warned). Every time I watch it I crack up!

We were inspired by this video, so using an online software called GoAnimate, Melissa created one called, “So you want to hire an Architect.”

 check out Melissa’s cartoon on WORKSHOP8tv – watch here


Giving back to the community is something I’m passionate about. I’m currently working on the design of etched pavers for the Boulder International Peace Garden and The City of Boulder Office of Arts + Culture invited our creative team to do a pop-up installation on April 13th at their Community Cultural Plan Launch Event. If you are in Boulder that evening (5:30 to 7:30) and are interested in the Community Cultural Plan, stop by and check out what we are doing with Ever Blocks. This pop up concept will really resonate if you are familiar with the big red YES! fiasco in Boulder.

Brandy LeMae
08 April 2016


If you can’t make it to Boulder on the 13th, then by all means, please come to our party on the 29th. Get your free ticket here.