28 APR 17 | meet alex!

architect and adventurer

We’ve got a new face at W8, architect and adventurer, Alex Parulis! He’s been in Colorado for aaaaalmost a year (June 1 will be his one year Colorado anniversary) and came directly from Massachusetts. We’ve assembled a list of fun facts so you can get introduced to Alex and have some things to talk with him about when you see him.

Alex 01 - ferry

When he used to work for Hutker Architects in Massachusetts, Alex took a ferry to work every day for 2 years. The office was located just off the coast of Cape Cod on Martha’s Vineyard. He tells us about riding on the top deck in the summers (and, yes, they they sold beer on the boat for those Friday afternoon rides home). Kinda like our Parties on the Porch…

Alex 02- oak bluffs

Although Alex is very happy to be in the Rockies, he reminisces about the time he spent living and working on the East Coast. Beautiful sunsets, fun outdoor social life, and boats everywhere. Every day felt like a vacation. He really misses being on the ocean, but feels like he belongs in the mountains.

Alex 03 - Boston marathon

Alex has been a runner ever since high school. Alex ran varsity cross country in college and never stopped. After college, he decided to take it to the next level and began training for his first marathon. Since then he has completed 4 marathons (2 of which were the Boston marathon). The runners in the office are pretty stoked to have another runner around to balance out all of the cyclists!

Alex 04 - mountain biking

Alex has always been a mountain biker, but the gorgeous scenery in Colorado means he spends a lot more time on the trails than he did before his move. If you’re ever trying to find him, some of the bike trails around Boulder would be a good place to start your search.

Alex 05 - motorcycle

Five years ago, Alex bought a 1996 Honda CB750 on Craigslist (he’s also a Craigslist junkie), and since then, has not only enjoyed riding it, but also taking it apart and learning all the ins and outs of how it works. Hopefully he gets that front wheel back on and doesn’t have to do wheelies all the way to the studio every morning…

Alex 06 - snowboarding

Alex has always been a snowboarder, but now the mountains are so much closer and so much bigger than when he lived in Massachusetts. If only we had more snow this winter! (And here we are, about to get a winter storm… at the end of April.)

Alex 07 - attack on titan

Alex 08 - zelda

Alex is a self-proclaimed “nerd at heart,” and after spending most of his time around architecture and the outdoors, he does enjoy some geeky relaxation: the hit Japanese manga series, Attack on Titan, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. BEST GAME EVER.

We’re excited to have this adventurous architect on our team!


Brandy LeMae, Creative Director
28 April 2017