18 JUN 17 | happy summer!

summer fun at W8!

Last week we decided to finally bite the bullet and get some new team W8 shots done. We got lucky with the weather, and our team photo shoot ended up turning into an ice cream party–pretty much the best kind of photo shoot in my opinion! Kelsey from Poppies & Paisley Photography did a great job of taking care of the photographer duties and we tried our best to be the “talent.”

W8 Summer ice cream truck Joseph is happy

W8 Summer ice cream truck

We were standing around trying to think about how we could get a few team photos that looked TOTALLY AWESOME and really starting to stress out about the whole thing; I was feeling so much pressure to make sure everyone looked SUPER CREATIVE and fun and professional, and then I heard the songs of the ice cream truck coming down the street. Crisis averted. And then we saw that the front bumper was W8 blue, and decided that the inclusion of ice cream must have been pure destiny for our photo shoot.

W8 Summer eating ice cream on the side of the candy shop

W8 Summer eating ice cream action shot

We were mostly focused on our ice cream (Chocolate Tacos, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Ice Cream on a Stick, Birthday Cake Dessert Bar…you know, important stuff) but we got some pretty good pictures in the meantime.

W8 Summer eating ice cream at the Candy Shop

Whenever we end up taking group shots, we always have to do one where everyone makes their best WORKSHOP8 “W8” hand sign. It’s a tradition, kind of like how we probably have to get ice cream for every photo shoot from here on out…

W8 Summer porch time with W8 hand signs

W8 Summer ivy group

Happy Summer!


Melissa McGinley, Graphic Designer / Business Development / Marketing Manager / Studio Manager
18 June 2017