Denver doesn’t fall short of exciting events in the summertime, and we’d like to add another fun one to your calendars.

On Wednesday, July 17th, come join Downtown Colorado Inc., the Denver Housing Authority, Brandy LeMae, and more as they discuss the Mariposa Neighborhood Redevelopment project. The Denver Housing Authority’s Mariposa Redevelopment is a 17.5-acre mixed-used, mixed-income transit-oriented community that is seen as a national model for transit-oriented development (TOD).

The redevelopment is demonstrating innovative and exceptional energy performance. Renewable energy systems, healthy living through environmentally friendly materials, attention to indoor air quality, access to quality food sources, and encouragement of active lifestyles are all staples of the redevelopment.

The success story of the Mariposa Neighborhood serves as the blueprint as the Denver Housing Authority dives into the Sun Valley Redevelopment project, where Gateway North, South, and the Rowhomes will live.

Come see what all the hype is about!

More information on speakers, agenda, and tickets can be found HERE.
Visit the Mariposa Neighborhood website HERE

WORKSHOP8’s Design for Mariposa Phase VI

WORKSHOP8 was lucky enough to design one puzzle piece within this larger project. On the panel, Brandy will tell the design story behind Mariposa Phase VI (otherwise known as The Aerie Apartments), an affordable multifamily new build that houses 94 residential units and 2,200 SF of commercial space, plus ample outdoor space for residents.

The Gateways Gain Recognition!

Gateway North

In recent news, Gateway North and South were selected to be recognized by the Downtown Denver Partnership at their June Development Forum. The forum gave attendees an inside look at the future of development in our center city from development insiders. WORKSHOP8 accompanied I-Kota Construction at the event to speak upon the project, which is currently undergoing construction and estimated to be completed around Fall of 2020.

Gateway South

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Maris DuBois | Studio Manager
08 July 2019