28 MAR 20 | Social Distancing



Just like most of the country, Colorado is under a “Stay at Home Order,” and last week almost everyone came into the studio and grabbed their computers and their second monitors — a couple of people even took their desk chairs — so that they could set up WORKSHOP8 satellite offices at home. The construction of housing is ranked alongside liquor and marijuana as an “essential industry,” so we are incredibly lucky to be able to continue working for the cause, serving our clients, and designing essential affordable housing for our communities. So far we’ve all been keeping busy full time. . . fingers crossed we can keep it up.


The WORKSHOP8 team is remaining socially connected amidst our physical distancing. Our studio was a very busy, loud, bustling place to be. At any time anyone could call out a question to the team or ask for a critique of their designs as their desk. With everyone at a separate location, we had to scramble to come up with a way to stay connected. We turned to WhatsApp so that we could virtually “yell across the room” to a teammate with a question, a joke, or just to say cheers. We’ve started to rely more heavily on Monday.com˜ to track items we are working on, and we’ve started using Google Hangouts so that we can see each other and share screens to keep our scrums and desk crits alive and well. And, there is always the good old fashioned telephone.


With sustainability being one of our leading values, I’ve noticed how the Earth seems to be benefiting while humanity tucks away. I wanted to share this article posted by CNN, showing satellite imagery of the decreasing CO2 levels in high-pollutant countries. At times when fear and anxiety can quickly conquer the tone of a conversation, it’s important to find some silver lining and remain optimistic. I wonder what other ways can humanity learn from this time of reflection?

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Hey – shout out to me for keeping up with this remarkable crew. Virtual cheers! Today is my 2 year anniversary at WORKSHOP8.

Maris DuBois | Studio Manager
28 March 2020