Cycling will always be a great form of exercise, always be a great way to enjoy our natural environment, and always a great way to commute, hopefully avoiding having to drive your car! As long as cars and bikes share the same roads there is the possibility for interactions, and unfortunately, these interactions have the biggest impact on the health, and lives, of people on bikes. Cyclists 4 Community, or C4C, is a non-profit organization that works with various communities to “create a positive experience for all users of our roads and bikeways”.


Over the years we have done some great things:

  • Raise funds for the communities of Jamestown and Lyons after the devastating floods in 2013
  • Partnered with Boulder County to install roadsigns, including a variable message board, to help automobiles and bicycles navigate roads more safely
  • Initiated bringing a Bicycle Friendly Driver Program to the County, and then helped Bicycle Colorado make the program digital so it can easily be shared Statewide and ultimately make it National
  • Created a PSA promoting the safe, and friendly, use of roads by all users
  • Our current BHAG is to help Boulder County and CDOT fund a study into the viability of a dedicated bike route between Lyons and Boulder along the HWY 36 corridor, one of the busiest sections of car traffic and bike traffic in the State of Colorado. Not a great combination!


For the last two years, I have been the Board President of this great organization, and in June I finally became the Past-President. It has truly been an honor, although it was a tough couple of years. The C4C Board President position is only suppose to be a one year commitment, however in late 2019 our President-Elect stepped down (for very legitimate reasons) and I agreed to stay in the position for an additional year.

Then of course Covid hit and many of our planned events came to a screeching halt, including our annual fundraiser, Crank-it-Forward, which funds 80-90% of our efforts. We survived and, fingers crossed, will be having an abbreviated event on September 30, 2021!

As my term came to an end, C4C’s Operations Manager had these kind words to say:

“Through Wednesday Morning Velo and friends, many people know newly retired board president, Joseph Vigil.  When you see him, give him a ‘thank you.’  Joseph stayed in the role of board president for nearly three years due to disturbances from the pandemic and he did so with aplomb.”

“C4C’s staff person, Matt Muir, states ‘behind Joseph’s calmness was competence, and behind his kindness was guidance.  He did C4C and the community a big favor by leading, especially through the pandemic.’  Joseph remains on the board and on the important executive committee.”

When it is all said and done, it is my honor to live in a community where we can have these kinds of conversations, where our voices are heard, and where we can affect positive change in our Communities.

See you out on the roads (or wherever you ride), and remember –


Joseph Vigil | Principal Architect

18 AUGUST 2021