18 MAR 23 | CRAZY 8

8 EIGHTS for 2023

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Fear not friends, we have not forgotten all of you, and apologies for it being so long (over a year!) since we have reached out. Hopefully, you have not forgotten us! As has been the tradition, we usually share my pictures of 8’s on January 8th every year (my and David Bowie’s birthday), but alas we were remiss. The reasons for our hiatus are varied, some heartbreaking, some heartwarming, but we are back, and even though we have not communicated in some time, I still take pictures of 8’s.

 #1. Estes Park CO – Chelsea’s Wedding

#2. Rocky Mountain National Park – Alpine Visitor Center

#3. Greeley CO – bay-designation for beverage recycling facility

#4. Pitkin CO – 8 is better than 9

#5. Córdoba Spain – where I started drinking coffee again

#6. Córdoba Spain – Jewish Quarter (where some of my ancestors are from)

#7. Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía, Córdoba Spain – even the parking is art

#8. Alicante Spain – across the street from our daughter’s apartment

Extra credit for making it this far (aka. ¿Is 8 really better than 9?, not if you ask Brandy who’s birthday was February 9th).

#9. Barcelona Spain – Casa Milá rooftop wonderland

Thank you for sticking with us, we truly appreciate it. I hope everyone has emerged from the pandemic with your sanity intact, possibly a little wiser, and thankful for all you have — as it can be fleeting. Enjoy life every chance you have; and never, ever, hesitate to reach out to friends and family if you need some help, you are loved.