1129 pearl street



Architect | Joseph Vigil
Creative Director | Brandy LeMae

Client | Tebo Development

The facade of 1129 Pearl was in of need repair and updating to give it greater presence among adjacent buildings. The architect worked with the Boulder Historic Design Review Committee (DRC) and the owner to develop an exterior plan that would meet the aesthetic requirements of the owner and conform with the DRC standards. The architect negotiated directly with the DRC about every aspect of the front facade including light fixtures, paint colors, and glazing. Drawings and 3D models were developed to create the required construction documents and to help the owner visualize design concepts.

Before the remodel, the main level was several steps above the level of the Pearl Street Mall, which separated the space from potential customers and failed to comply with ADA requirements. The architect designed a plan that lowered the main and basement levels to make the space more desirable for future tenants. With the addition of an elevator, all levels are now accessible by a person in a wheelchair. During the construction process, the architect reviewed all manufacture’s shop drawings and frequently visited the site to ensure work was done as specified.

5737 SF

Boulder CO