b-cycle of boulder



Architect | Joseph Vigil
Project Designers & Managers | Graham Bowman and Emily Axtman

Builder | Narvaes Western, LLC

Photographer | Dane Cronin


WORKSHOP8 provided pro-bono Tenant Improvement design services for the 946 SF Boulder B-Cycle office. The small TI includes a private office with a glass wall, open seating for three employees, a conference room, a bicycle workbench and workspace, a restroom, and a kitchenette. B-cycle is a local non-profit dedicated to creating a transportation solution that is clean, green, healthy, sustainable and fun. B-cycle operates in over 20 cities nation-wide.

Pollution, traffic, and rising oil costs are just a few of the reasons why urban transportation needs a facelift. B-cycle is easy, cheap, and sets you free from your car. And it's powered by the best alternative fuel: you.

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946 SF


3601 Arapahoe Ave. Unit D 179, Boulder CO