gateway rowhomes at sun valley

Gateway Rowhomes



Architect | Joseph Vigil
Creative Director | Brandy LeMae
Drawing Managers | Ivan Patino

Gateway Rowhomes is a mixed-income affordable and market-value six-plex commissioned by the Denver Housing Authority with the goal of helping to provide more affordable housing options in the metro area. The Rowhomes consist of five three-story, three-bedroom units, and one ADA accessible two-story, three-bedroom unit.
The three-story units have 1729 SF of space, and the two-story unit has 1960 SF of space. The building was designed to complement the architectural style of Gateway North, which is a new multifamily development going up just behind the Rowhomes.
The Gateway Rowhomes feature enclosed garages, front porches, open plan kitchen/living rooms, double-vanity bathrooms, roofs design for future incorporation of photovoltaic panels, and bike parking.