READ THE BLOG Infinite Walk of Peace

Project Manager | Sydney Angel

In 2019, the Boulder Rotary Club in partnership with the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation undertook an enhancement of the Civic Area and the International Peace Garden and created the Infinite Walk of Peace. They had a rough concept for a map that they wanted to install in the park, and reached out to W8 to help them refine it.

The Infinite Walk of Peace invites visitors to move along the path and contemplate how peace can bring communities together. Sit on the steps of the International Peace Garden and let your gaze rest on the flowing water of the Boulder Creek. Take a moment to reflect on the inspiring words of peace engraved in the stones around you. Get lost admiring a grand sculpture and pillar recognizing peace leaders in our community. Then, spend time under a cherry tree, planted as a symbol of good fortune, new beginnings, and revival. At stops along the way, guests can scan a QR code to learn more about each component.

Boulder, CO