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Principal in Charge and Project Architect | Joseph Vigil
Project Manager | Emily Axtman

General Contractor | Faurot Construction
Civil Engineer | 
JVA Engineering
Structural Engineer | JVA Engineering
MEP Engineer | Boulder Engineering

Photographers | Ryan Lawrence & Sal Vincenzo


Rising from the ashes of the devastating 2013 floods, the Jamestown Fire Station stands as a testament to the community's spirit and unwavering resolve. WORKSHOP8, alongside JVA and Boulder Engineering, played a pivotal role in bringing this award-winning project to life.

More than just a fire station, this building embodies the strength and resilience of Jamestown. The design seamlessly integrates the past and the future, incorporating the cherished brass fire pole as a tribute to the town's firefighting heritage.

Functionally, the fire station provides a state-of-the-art facility to serve the Jamestown community. The four-truck bay garage ensures efficient emergency response, while the strategically designed upper floor offers dedicated office and storage space.

JVA's innovative site design prioritizes flood mitigation. A series of gabion walls on the northwest edge acts as a shield against future flooding, while the overall layout promotes proper water drainage around the building.

The Jamestown Fire Station is a beacon of hope, not just for emergency response, but for the entire community. This collaborative effort serves as a powerful symbol of the town's remarkable rebuilding journey.


The Jamestown Fire Station stands as a testament to collaboration and community spirit. This project brought together diverse stakeholders, each with vital roles and unique perspectives.

The Mayor, representing the residents, championed a design that reflected the character of Jamestown.

The Fire Chief, prioritizing firefighter needs, advocated for a highly functional and durable facility.

The State of Colorado, overseeing recovery funds, ensured responsible resource allocation.

Boulder County, exercising jurisdiction, facilitated the construction process.

Extensive stakeholder meetings and design iterations fostered a collaborative environment. Through open communication, a solution was developed that balanced the aspirations of all parties. While the Mayor and Fire Chief initially had differing visions for the building's character, through negotiation, a design emerged that celebrated the town's spirit while meeting essential functionality needs.

Innovation played a key role in the project. The Fire Chief's desire for durable concrete walls presented a challenge at Jamestown's high altitude. WORKSHOP8's ingenious solution involved a double-wall system, maximizing insulation within the concrete for year-round climate control. Additionally, vehicle exhaust "snorkels" – a first for the department – facilitated efficient truck washing during harsh winters.

The final fire station isn't just a building; it's a symbol of resilience. It incorporates the community's desires (gathering space), the firefighters' needs (functionality), and a lasting reminder of the town's strength (monument to resilience). Through collaboration, the Jamestown Fire Station has become a beacon of hope and a source of pride for the entire community.


WORKSHOP8 provided entitlement, community engagement, architecture, interior design, FF&E, and contract administration.


AIA Design Conference Citation Award for Commercial Design


State Flood Relief Funding

Private Funding


4,024 SF




66 Main Street, Jamestown CO