Kate Van Sluyter

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Kate is an interiors guru who graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.  She received a bachelor of fine arts in interior design with an emphasis in sustainable design. Kate is interested in overall design concepts and the details that bring the design together.  She has experience in kitchen and bathroom remodels, custom homes, multifamily housing, restaurants, and adaptive reuse projects.  In addition to space planning and conceptual design, Kate is involved in project management, FF&E selection, and construction documents.  When she’s not in the office, you’ll find her involved in typical Boulder activities such as climbing, biking, hiking and listing to really great music.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics
University of Colorado, Boulder

WORKSHOP8 architecture | planning | design, Boulder CO
Interior Designer, 2013

Harvey M Hine Architecture + Interiors
Interior Designer, 2012-2014

Details Design Studio
Interior Designer, 2011-2012