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Photo Credit | Daniel O’Connor, Kate Pedersen

Architect | Joseph Vigil
General Contractor | Cottonwood Custom Home Builders

This home is located in Boulder’s Mapleton Hill historic district therefore all exterior design solutions had to be approved by landmark board. The original structure was moved to the site circa 1945. At some point it had a car port that was turned into living space. Sometime in the early 1990s, the home had a major interior remodel.

The homeowners wanted to “pop the top” and add two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office/library space and deck with views to the Flatirons. They also wanted to correct some “funky” old house issues such as a poorly insulated living room with very low ceilings and a strange master bedroom which was converted into a family room.

The kitchen remained untouched, with the exception of raising the ceiling during reconstruction.

The homeowners were very energy conscious, so the whole addition revolved around creating a south facing wall with a concrete slab on the second floor to store heat.  Radiant floors keep the concrete floor comfortable and PV panels generate electricity from the sun. The new stair stringers are reclaimed railroad tracks.

passive solar design
thermal mass
heat recovery ventilator
PV panels
reclaimed materials for staircase
Alpine triple glazed windows

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