Mitch Deans

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Having grown up in Parker, Colorado, Mitch has always had an admiration for the state of Colorado, and especially the urban fabric of the Denver-Boulder area. As an avid drawer and tinkerer from an early age, Mitch has always been fascinated with architecture and urban planning (his family even says it is in his blood, considering his ancestors were masons that built the temple in Salt Lake City!).

Mitch obtained his Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the University of Colorado Denver, where he learned important principles of design, hand and digital drawing, as well as realizing the impact that innovative design can have one a city and its inhabitants.

At WORKSHOP8, Mitch works closely with the team as an architectural designer to ensure projects are well-detailed and polished. He plans to continue his education to one day become a fully licensed architect.

Born with an innate fascination with the Rocky Mountain area, he loves to explore the city as well as hike and camp. He loves to draw, watercolor paint, and reads whenever he gets the chance.

College of Architecture and Planning, Bachelors in Architecture
CU Denver