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Photo Credit | Dane Cronin



Architect |  Joseph Vigil
Interior Designer | Ulla Lange
Graphic Designer | Brandy LeMae
Environmental Designer | Graham Bowman

Owner | Element Properties
Contractor | Narvaes Western
Structural Engineer | Anthem Structural

10,570 square feet

The 2037 Walnut Apartments was a 1980’s courtyard-style apartment building in need of repair and remodeling. The stairs and railing in particular were worse for wear, and were entirely replaced with a new custom system. In the interiors, the existing wood burning fireplace in each living room were removed to free up space. The kitchens cabinetry and appliances were replaced with IKEA kitchenware. New 100% post-industrial, stress resistant synthetic wood floors were added. The twenty37 sign at the entrance of the building was constructed of brushed aluminum numerals mounted on Trespa board siding.

WORKSHOP8 provided branding, architecture, interior design, and environmental graphic design for this apartment rehabilitation in Boulder. The logo references the property address and was designed to appeal to millennials who call the building their home.

2037 Walnut Street, Boulder CO 80302