Candy Shop Creative Offices


Creative Director & Mural Artist | Brandy LeMae

Interior Designer | Mitch Deans

Cabinetmaker | Jordan Woodworking

Metal Fabricator | McLean Forge

Floor Refinisher | Woodwise Inc

Countertop Fabricator | Moros Fabrication


Beginning in the Fall of 2018, the WORKSHOP8 team had decided it was time to update our office kitchen. The counter was beginning to warp severely, the floor wearing, and plumbing fixtures leaking. We had grown by 50% as an office since the initial kitchen was constructed, and it was time we expanded to accommodate everybody’s needs.

We needed more cabinetry to accommodate more storage for the employees, and therefore we decided to bring cabinetry over to the adjacent wall. Leaving this cabinetry open encourages the use of their space yet prevents people from hiding and forgetting about stored food, extra tupperware, miscellaneous supplies, etc..

We chose birch plywood for our cabinets, steel for our sink, and gun-blued custom steel for our door pulls. We wanted to utilize materials that exposed their raw character.

"Toby the Octopus" mural was designed and painted by Brandy LeMae.


Boulder CO