28 JAN 19 | Suffer Better

Running Up For Air

One of the best parts about living in Colorado (at least for me) is the access to a wide network of trails that go through the mountains, over plains, and alongside rivers and creeks. Yep, I’m a runner, a biker, and a snowboarder so go figure that’s how I’d start my blog post. But I’m about to do something that even the people that know me best are saying, “OK, now I know you’re crazy.”

4 Miles & 12 Hours

On March 9th I’m headed to Evergreen, Colorado and joining a bunch of other “crazy” runners who have pledged to run a 4-mile loop with 800 ft of elevation change, over, and over, and over again. We had the choice to run for either 3, 6 or 12 hours and, well, you guessed it, I chose the 12-hour one (insert dear in the headlights face here). The event is aptly named “Running Up For Air” or RUFA for short.

But why?

Aside from the sheer challenge of this event, the goal is to raise money in support of the fight for improved air quality along the front range of Colorado. Over the years I have gotten to know a man named Peter Downing, who runs an organization called Suffer Better; their mission is “to tap the inexhaustible power, focus, dedication, and commitment of the endurance athlete community to work with and support local nonprofits, protect our natural environment and improve local communities.” Suffer Better has teamed up with nonprofit POW (Protect Our Winters) to bring this event back for the second year in a row. Together, we can do our part to be ambassadors for climate change initiatives.


Help Improve Colorado’s Air Quality!


I have pledged to raise money for this wonderful event on behalf of POW, and every donation (no matter how big or small) does help. Please consider making a contribution by using the link above if you value the land we live on as much as I do.

Thanks for reading!

Alex Parulis | Architect