8 JUNE 24 | TOBY Around the World

The WORKSHOP8 team has had a busy year (including wrapping up construction on Sunset Apartments in Longmont, and the renovation of Casa Redonda De Vigil), but that hasn’t stopped us from getting out to travel! In the past year our team members have been fortunate enough to travel around the world, from Japan to Paris, Iceland to Hawaii, Spain to Brazil, and more. We’ve seen some great architecture, eaten some awesome food, and of course, are alway on the lookout for octopus. Here is a collection of some of our favorite Toby’s seen around the world.

(Haven’t met Toby yet? They are the official mascot and spiritual leader of WORKSHOP8. Not just that, but the 8 tentacles represent our 8 values: Wonder, Optimism, Reliability, Kaizen, Sustainability, Harmony, Octopuses, and Practicality. Hint: Try spelling out the first letters of each. Check out this blog post from a few years ago to read more about the The Story of Toby.)


Compiègne, France

Tokyo, Japan

Oudenaarde, Belgium


Paris, France


Edinburgh, Scotland




Curitiba, Brazil


Reykjavík, Iceland

San Francisco, California

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hope you enjoyed these photos from our travels and will also keep an eye open for the many wonderful octopuses in your life!

Chris Hamilton | Architectural Designer