8 JAN 18 | The Yearly 8s

Happy January 8th!

If you are a follower of our newsletters you will know that out first of the year indulges my habit of taking pictures of 8s. This years 8s are all from the trip Brandy, Carmen and I took to London and Amsterdam last summer.

I share my birthday (today!) with a few other folks: Happy Birthday to David Bowie, Elvis Presley and Stephen Hawking!
Enjoy the 8s!
2018 8s 1
Soho Clothing Shop, London


2018 8s 2
Tate Modern Museum, London


2018 8s 3
Tate Modern Museum, London


2018 8s 5
Sidewalk Hopscotch Game, Amsterdam


2018 8s 6
Temporary sign, Amsterdam


2018 8s 7
Canal House Number, Amsterdam


2018 8s 8
For all you fellow nerds out there, Dumbledore’s office at the Harry Potter Studio Tour, Waterford, just outside of London


2018 8s 4
And finally, a W8 from a Kensington road sign, London


8 January 2018