28 APR 14 | green tenant improvements


You probably know that WORKSHOP8 has been recognized nationally for both its residential and multi-family design, but did you know that we also offer tenant improvement design services for office, restaurant, and retail businesses?

clients include:
boulder b-cycles
center for resource conservation
cloud 7, llc
colorado office of the governor
concrete revolution
crave.real burgers
david c. cook publishing
essentials spa
iperc solutions
lake valley seed
longmont housing authority
north metro realtors’ association
pedal to properties
rejuvenescence spa
savory spice
serious materials
tebo development corporation

WORKSHOP8 collaborates with mission-driven entrepreneurs to create inspired, sustainable projects that have a positive effect on the community, customers and employees.

Our commercial design services include:
restaurant/bar and commercial kitchen design
space planning and commercial interiors
core-and-shell architecture
retail facade remodels
signage and environmental graphic design
furniture and art procurement
contract administration

WORKSHOP8’s approach to tenant improvements includes the following strategies:


Research & Planning

The less demolition required, the greener the TI process will be. This is a simple and effective solution easily applied to all project types and includes items such as reusing existing: walls, doors, ceilings, shelving, light fixtures (if energy efficient), plumbing fixtures and fittings (if efficient), office partitions, casework and flooring.


Efficient Interior Layout

Making use of modular partition walls, desks, workspace configurations and book shelves is more cost effective than built in pieces. Modular bookshelves, for example can be used as visual screens to divide the space, but also can be taken apart, moved or sold.


Appropriate Finishes and Furnishings

Projects which incorporate a creative reuse of materials can offer playful and diverse solutions to enliven a space. Re-purposing materials is one of the best ways to divert materials from the landfill, reduce cost, and simultaneously think outside the box with regards to material reuse. WORKSHOP8 can help determine whether a material is suitable and worth salvaging. Our creativity, design sense, and familiarity with construction can transform junk to jewel.

We also suggest selecting finishes that have zero/low VOC content. Also, be aware of the chemicals present in cleaning and maintenance products and strive for natural, non toxic products whenever possible.

Paramount to green tenant improvement strategies is the use of local, reclaimed, renewable and recycled materials in construction and products, which minimizes transport emissions, stimulates investment in local natural resources, and boosts the local economy.


Green Construction Techniques

Although the freedom of applying the sledge hammer to a wall offers an immediate sense of empowerment and can be quite therapeutic; deconstruction and material salvage is a better solution. Deconstruction allows for parts of the building, such as framing lumber, cabinets and metal to be recycled or reused.

Construction waste management techniques rely on salvage, recycling and reuse of materials and are proven to have economic benefits throughout construction and demolition. On-site recycling during construction and/or renovation will divert large amounts of landfill waste.

Improving the thermal envelope can benefit both the building owner and tenant by eliminating energy leaks. These improvements can range from small to large; examples include replacement windows, replacement door fittings, adding or increasing insulation, modifications of exhaust vents, window casings, and masonry to reduce thermal bridging. Even patching small cracks in walls or gaps in vents can make a space more comfortable to work in and cut down on heating and cooling costs.


Every choice you make has consequences to our planet. Green tenant improvements can result in lower operating costs, improved worker health and productivity, efficient energy use, and a space that is better utilized. Best of all, building green creates a positive reputation for your company in the community and may lead to increased revenue. Lead by example and support green office practices which incorporate recycling, waste reduction and healthful workspace habits which contribute to a greener, safer world.

For additional information Brandy LeMae at WORKSHOP8 (303-442-3700).