08 JAN 19 | Crazy 8

8 eights

for January 8th 2019

I like taking photos of the number 8 and we like to show them to you for our first post of the year. If you are interested in past years you can see them here: 2015, 2017, & 2018.

The 8s in this post come from a trip to Japan that Brandy, Carmen and I took in October. We traveled to Tokyo and then to Sendai for our exchange daughter’s wedding!


The Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills featured an exhibition that invited visitors to draw on the walls.


One of the more unusual things we did in Japan this time around was visiting the Zao Fox Village in Fukuokayatsumiya. I snuck up on this cool dude to snap a pic of his jacket.


Tokyo has a magnificent subway and train system. Of course there are lots of 8s in any train station, this one is in the Roppongi Station.


Shopping is a very popular pastime in both Tokyo and Sendai. This 8 sign was on the 8th floor of a department store in Sendia.


I always love taking the Shinkansen (the bullet train) and this time we got to be in car 8 from Tokyo to the Sendai Station.


And I got to sit in seat 8.


A cool poster in Shibuya.


We didn’t have much time at Tokyo Disney, but the time we did spend was fun. . .  and was very cold! This 8 was from Journey to the Center of the Earth!

Thanks for reading!

May the magic 8’s follow you into 2019.
Joseph Vigil | Founding Partner / President