28 OCT 16 | head to toe makeover

AOI home care TI

WS8 1550 Dover

Today I’m telling you the tale of transformation for one of our favorite clients, AOI Home Care. However, before I get started, allow me to diverge for a minute.

All of the acronyms that we so commonly use in the construction industry drove the AOI crew crazy! It was like we were speaking in code (which of course we were). They would often retaliate by speaking in their own medical acronyms, and the medical field makes the construction industry look like neophytes when it comes to acronyms.

For those of you not in tune with the construction industry’s many abbreviations and acronyms, TI stands for Tenant Improvement (and is also the name of a popular rap artist). AOI, another acronym, stands for Accent on Independence, an awesome company that helps facilitate in-home care.

how we helped

WORKSHOP8 had the pleasure of working with Accent on Independence to help them find a new space for their growing company, remodel the new space to fit their needs, create distinctive signage, and refresh their logo and marketing materials.

After visiting a handful of buildings and sketching out a few preliminary space plans, AOI landed on a large brick building only a few miles from their previous office. A building large enough to support exponential growth.

WS8 1550 Dover

We gutted most of the interior and re-built it to fit their needs. Because AOI deals with medical records, they have to follow strict HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) guidelines. Open work space wouldn’t work, so we reconfigured the building to fit as many private, hard-wall offices as possible while creating a light, bright, and pleasant work environment. I accomplished this by using light flooring and paint with a pop of AOI’s new signature blue. AOI purchased used furniture and re-used pieces from their previous offices. 

WS8 1550 Dover

WORKSHOP8’s graphic department revamped AOI’s logo, website and marketing materials. We love when a company’s exterior, interior, and marketing materials are cohesive, and we were thrilled to help AOI achieve that synergy. The blue accent flooring I chose for the interior, inspired Melissa and Brandy as they upgraded the company’s graphics. We incorporated their updated corporate color, into the interior, exterior, signage and marketing materials.  

before & after

There is nothing more satisfying than before and after photos—so without further ado…


Before & After: old logo vs. new logo designed by WORKSHOP8.



Before: screenshot of AOI’s website.



After: screenshot of AOI’s website, revamped and redesigned by WORKSHOP8. Check out the full website here.



Before & After: Entrance. A new sign on the street side of the building and a fresh coat of paint made the front entry pop. 


Before & After: Exterior. A fresh coat of paint with some blue accents enlivened the brick building. .


Before & After: Interior. New flooring, paint, and LEDs help to brighten up the front lobby, creating an inviting reception area. New signage above the reception desk serves as branding. 


Before & After: Interior. The break room finishes were replaced to create an updated area for employees to eat lunch, have meetings, and take a break. 


As with any remodel, we ran into a few challenges and surprises throughout the construction process. If you’ve remodeled before, you know that there are secrets hidden in those walls! Our hidden surprises ran the gamut from asbestos to liquor bottles stashed above the ceiling tiles (the last tenants must have had a Don Draper in their midst).

many thanks

TI and remodel projects are never dull and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Guidance Corporate Realty Advisors, Roger Lewis & Associates, i2 Construction, Gehring & Associates, and of course, AOI. Photos courtesy of RCS Photo.



Here I am enjoying The 30th Great American Beer Festival a few weeks ago. When I’m not drinking beer, I’m hanging out at the climbing gym.

At work I’m currently working with the Longmont Housing Authority to rehab their permanently affordable housing facility at 2000 Sunset and working on the interior design for 1515 Flats.

Chelsea Semelka, Interior Designer
28 October 2016