8 DEC 16 | creative endeavors

stuff we do for fun

If you are an avid reader of this blog, you already know that creating it is something that I really enjoy. Today I’m sharing with you some creative endeavors my team and I participate in that keep us rejuvenated.

Melissa: Marketing Manger & Graphic Designer

Mel is an amazing musician and plays in several local bands!
Check out this video of “Don’t Feel the Same” by Melissa’s band, 300 Days.

And here she is in Silverplume playing “Behind the Bar”.
She’s also building a house with her beau!

Chelsea: Interior Designer


In her spare time, Chelsea likes to paint. These are a few watercolor wine labels she painted for her dad’s homemade wine.
He grows the grapes on the family farm in Northeast Pennsylvania.

This 24 x 36 inch acrylic on canvas is based on a photo of the beach at Cabo Pulmo in Baja Mexico.

Ivan: Designer

When Ivan was at CU Boulder, he was lucky to have access to some really fun equipment–like a laser cutter–and he took full advantage of it by making these awesome lamps.

He and his wife, Melanie, like to create Halloween costumes for their fur baby, Rusty. Then they take him over to Pets N’ Stuff for the annual costume contest. They place every year, but are still waiting to take first place.

Marcel: Architectural Designer

Speaking of Halloween costumes, Marcel and his vivacious wife, Monika, like to fully celebrate the season (and Marcel’s bald head) by dressing up. Here he is dressed as Darth Maul.

As a homeowner, Marcel has a honey-do list a mile long. Recently he finished rebuilding his staircase. He hand fabricated a metal handrail and milled custom square nose stair treads because he couldn’t find what he wanted pre-made.

Emily: Architectural Designer

For her three month sabbatical to South American, Emily was armed with a fancy camera, a brand new GoPro, and her trusty iPhone—three ways to document her travels. This photo was taken in Valparaíso Chile.

Fitz Roy Range in Patagonia.

This one is the Salt Flats in Bolivia. Check out her two previous blogs posts, “91 Days” and “It’s Colombia not Columbia” to learn more about her trip. Better yet, visit her personal website and look at every image she took. Make sure you have a glass of Chilean wine in hand, there is a lot there. . . and she has more to add!

Joseph: Architect

Working with a local jeweler, Joseph created these three rings for me. I wonder what is next? Hint. Hint.

crazy 8 chip_600
Joseph is also a collector of all things 8 and likes to photograph found eights.

Brandy: Creative Director

This 48 x 60 inch acrylic painting titled “196 Feet 8 and 1/8 Inches” is from the “Whatta Man” series I created in 2015 to honor my main man, Mr. Vigil.

Lately we’ve been applying to several public art calls and creating custom pieces for clients. Here is an concept sketch called “Calico Ranch” for a sculptural piece for Green Valley Ranch City Center Park.



My next creative endeavor? Burlesque?

Brandy LeMae, Creative Director / CEO
8 December 2016