08 JAN 20 | Crazy 8

8 eights

for January 8th 2020

I like taking photos of the number 8, and we like to show them to you for our first post of the year. If you are interested in past years you can see them here: 2015, 2017, 2018 & 2019.

The 8’s in this post are a compilation from trips around the world.

#1 Amsterdam, Netherlands

#2 Seattle, USA

#3 London, England

#4 Playa del Carmen, Mexico

#5 Seattle, USA

#6 The University of Colorado Boulder, Stearns East Building

#7 Tokyo, Japan

#8 Seattle, USA

Thanks for reading!

Happy birthday to all you Capricorns out there! Today I turn 52.

Joseph Vigil | Founding Partner / President