08 JUNE 21 | ASI, ADA, RFI…


PM: “As discussed at the OAC and as per VE the AP will send over a PR about the ADA Unit conversion required by the HA. The unit will now be an office and the AHJ has confirm that the separation does not need to meet NFPA rating as per 2018 IBC 508.4”.

If you aren’t in construction, architecture or engineering that probably sounded like absolute gibberish. I know it did to me when I was new at W8. I could’ve sworn I was surrounded by an “architect code” with the jargon I heard my first few weeks. All the acronyms started to run together and sound like a scrambled alphabet especially in OAC’s I sat in on. Thankfully, everyone at WORKSHOP8 was (and still are) extremely helpful and always answered the questions I had about acronyms. Let’s be honest, there are SO many out there that we use, so here is a dump of some architectural acronyms!

Let’s see how many you know!

If there are any that you all think we missed, let us know.

Thanks for Reading!

Sydney Angel | Architectural Designer

08 JUNE 2021