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We define INTEGRITY as “being open, honest, and forthright in our communication and dealings with clients, colleagues, consultants, partners, and team.”

Today we explore INTEGRITY and how it is integrated into our culture and our work.


Brandy LeMae

“It can be difficult to be forthright with a team member about their work, a consultant about their drawings, a client about their design concepts, or a contractor about their construction; however, honesty is crucial to the success of WORKSHOP8 projects”.


Joseph Vigil

“I was raised by a single mother who went to Catholic Boarding school in New York City, and she used to tell me about nuns with rulers (not that I ever got the ruler treatment). If I had to boil down what I learned from my mother to one single tenant, it would be the Golden Rule, “Do unto others, as you would have others, do unto you”. She said this was not, unfortunately, how the nuns lived their lives, but I can still hear her saying those words in my mind. This is what integrity means to me, and I try to treat all the people in my life, professional and personal, the way I would like them to treat me. It doesn’t always work out this way, because we are human; however, the Golden Rule is what I strive for. I want to love our clients’ projects the way I hope they love them.”


Megan Stanley

“We strive for integrity in every part of the design process. From the beginnings of honest and down to earth conversations with our clients and colleges, to understanding and following the specific and detailed rules and guidelines that shape our final product; we apply this value in our office every day.”


Maris DuBois

“Working in this open of an environment, there is no such thing as being shy or having private conversations. At any point, we all know what is taking place in a project and encourage open discussion in the office on design decisions. Open and honest communication renders quicker design solutions.”


Chelsea Semelka

“Being respectful, forthright, and honest with all parties involved in our design and construction projects is key in solving problems, having good business relationships, and ultimately results in a great end product.”


Matthew Murray

Integrity is one of the most important W8 values because it demands truthfulness and honesty across multiple professions. You have to be honest with clients and colleagues no matter how bad the information is. Integrity helps us have a positive work environment and good relationships with clients and consultants.”


Marcel van Garderen

“In an industry where often there is finger-pointing going on, I try to urge the team to focus on the project, solution, and teamwork. Having a common goal with a focus on delivering a quality project is what integrity is all about.”‘


Ivan Patino

Integrity to me is doing things the correct way and standing by your actions. One of the many things that I love about WORKSHOP8 is that even when we inadvertently make a mistake, our work culture encourages us to learn from our mistakes instead of burying them or trying to hide them. During our weekly Monday scrum meeting, we often bring up lessons learned so that the whole team can learn from our experience. It is not like we don’t get frustrated when mistakes happen, but, ”If you are not making mistakes, you are not learning.”


Sydney Angel

“Communication is the only way things get done in the construction industry. It is important to be open and honest in this industry to avoid confusion or miscommunication. Having integrity in the workplace leads to great, honest, and efficient work.”


Omar de la Mora

“In any workplace, integrity is one of the key foundations for ethical behavior and accountability. It is one of the basic essentials for business in general – no one wants to involve themselves with a business that cheats and deceits clients and employees. We encourage integrity at WORKSHOP8 by creating an open and transparent environment where team members feel they can freely discuss issues.”


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As Ivan referenced above, every Monday morning the team holds a meeting we like to call  “Scrum.” Here is a shot of the WORKSHOP8 team in our scrum huddle.

Maris DuBois | Studio Manager
08 November 2019