08 DECEMBER 21 | Decatur Fresh Open for Business

On Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 Joseph, Chelsea, Marcel and I attended the GRAND OPENING for Decatur Fresh at Gateway South.



We got to sample some great food, try out the coffee bar, and visit with the I-Kota team and the DHA folks who had the vision to bring this project to life.  WORKSHOP8 is proud to have designed the space along with our subconsultants.


Decatur Fresh is a grocery and sundry market, workforce training program, and community space. It is located on the first-floor of Gateway South. The Mission is the decrease food insecurity and provide economic mobility to Sun Valley residents. The Vision is that every family in Sun Valley has access to food in a culturally relevant, authentic, and inclusive environment. 

Decatur Fresh is committed to addressing food scarcity in Sun Valley, and all residents receive discounts. Community input is built into the fabric of Decatur Fresh’s operations; resident preferences inform product inventory. 

Decatur Fresh operates a paid training and internship program for Sun Valley residents interested in growing their careers in consumer service or grocery store management. Residents receive necessary certifications in a classroom setting, complete a 120-hour internship, build skillsets in food retail, and determine their next educational or career opportunity with support from Decatur Fresh’s staff. 



Brandy LeMae | CEO