A few weeks ago Alex and I signed up for a webinar labeled BS + Beer Show…what is not to like when there is “beer” in the title, right!?

In a recent webinar they had on it Christine Williamson. Christine is an architecturally trained building science expert. She is extremely knowledgeable in the finite details of what makes buildings work and what makes them fail. In addition to her her consulting firm, where she teaches building science and construction to architects, developers, contractors, and other professionals in the building industry, she also has a fantastic Instagram account @buildingsciencefightclub. Besides the freaking best name for an instagram account it has some amazing content. I have already spent a lot of time on there and found some really valuable information that I will take into consideration on any future detailing.

Thanks for allowing us to spread your knowledge, Christine!

A couple of my favorite @buildingsciencefightclub posts

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The BS + Beer Show is broadcast live via Zoom every Thursday from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM (eastern time) with discussions relevant to those in the construction and architecture communities and anyone interested in those fields. It is really interesting and they have some fantastic fail images of projects that had missed some obscure little detail that ended up causing havoc on some portion of the project.

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Marcel van Garderen | Architect
28 JUNE 2020