28 AUG 13 | teaching an old ranch new tricks

Successful projects require great clients and Morgan Young was just that. He had a clear vision for the remodel of his 1960s ranch in East Boulder. Although the budget didn’t allow for every item on his wish list, I think the finished project is really quite nice and we were able to incorporate some clever features such as a fully integrated laundry in the kitchen and space for hiding wires at the study area.

“W8 took my do-it-yourself home remodel ideas and separated the bad ideas from the good and turned the house into a beautiful, modern living space. At every turn they listened to me and helped me turn a not fully formed vision into a tangible reality. And best of all, form met function perfectly. After one year in the house, I am still astounded how well the layout works and how well thought-out the details of lighting, room flow and kitchen functionality were done by W8.”

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450 Lipan Way Exterior-4 960x490