28 MAR 14 | just say yes to the bike


When Amory Narvaes, with Narvaes Western Construction, asked if WORKSHOP8 was interested in helping James Waddell create new offices and bike-shop for Boulder B-cycle,  I immediately said “YES!” How could I say no, I love cycling and bikes.

B-cycle is a great community bike-share non-profit organization in Boulder, Denver and over 28 cities around the USA, including locations in Hawaii and Alaska. B-cycle stations allow anyone to rent a bike at various locations around the community and return them to whichever station is most convenient. As an alternative mode of transportation, B-cycle’s values align with WORKSHOP8’s dedication to creating more sustainable environments.

WORKSHOP8 performed the project pro-bono because we support B-cycle’s endeavors and hope to see the bike-share program continue to grow. We are honored to be involved with B-cycle.


Make sure to look out for the WORKSHOP8 B-cycle bikes around Boulder (see above).






A big thank-you to Dane Cronin Photography for doing the photo-shoot pro-bono.
Now get out there and bike your city!