8 OCT 14 | modern in october

Opening night of the Month of Modern was a hit!  The “Colorado Modern: Past, Present & Future” discussion was held at Galvanize in Boulder and the place was packed. Attendees included design professionals, contractors, students, clients, and one sassy moderator. Why is everybody interested in modern design? Is it the latest fad or is it here to stay?

Fad?!?! Shame on you! Modern design is definitely here to stay and guess what…it’s been around for a while. In the mid 20th century, architects and designers started a movement creating architecture and furniture for a modern lifestyle using the latest in technological advancements. The designs were not only practical, the foundation of their creation was good design, and that never goes out of style.

Charles and Ray Eames.

The recent resurgence of interest in this style amongst the masses can be attributed to a lot of factors. Space is tight, people are constantly inundated with the latest must-have gadgets, and sustainability is on everybody’s mind. Albert Frey’s house in Palm Springs is a perfect example of how they addressed these issues back in the 1960s. The house rests quietly in the landscape, uses inexpensive building materials, and maximizes function in a modest space.



And look! There’s a built-in stereo! I’d party there. Where do I put a light switch if all my walls are glass? I’ll just put it in this boulder.


Mid-century modern opens up to the outdoors. It lets in natural light and frames views of the landscape. Objects are brought inside and placed with a purpose; the space between them gives you room to breathe. You don’t need a lot if you love what you have; unless you need an Eames chair, because there’s an exception to every rule.

Clean living. That’s why I love modern design. . .  I also love this lamp.



Month of Modern up-coming events!
October 6-12 Modern through the Lens. Win an Eames chair from Design Within Reach!!
October 12, 9am Pop-up Cafe @ Jaime Kripke‘s Studio