8 JAN 16 | today is the day


Whatta Man

— a new series of pop art paintings by Velvet B. LeMae
on exhibit January 8 to March 28, 2016

TODAY, 6 to 8 PM

Mercury Framing
4692 Broadway Street Boulder, Colorado, 80304


Deadlines are such a strange thing. We all have a procrastinator living inside of us, and we all know we shouldn’t put things off until the last minute. If our logical-minds were in full control, we wouldn’t need to give ourselves deadlines.

But what would we ever accomplish, if we didn’t set deadlines for ourselves?

What are we, without personal goals?

In 2013, Brandy and I were at an art opening at Mercury Framing—our friend Lisa Rutherford opened Mercury Framing in 1997 and Brandy had the honor of being the inaugural show (Rites of Spring). She also showed there in 1998 (Girls, Girls, Girls), 2002 (Spun Sugar), and 2004 (Eye Candy).


two paintings from Girls, Girls, Girls
two paintings from Spun Sugar

Anyway, we are at this opening in 2013 and Brandy asked Lisa if she could sign up for another show. Lisa told her she would have to wait about two and a half years, but could have a show in January 2016. Brandy signed up thinking she had plenty of time. . . not to worry.

We were at another opening in mid 2015, and Lisa reminded Brandy that she had a show coming up in about five months. . . and Brandy started to sweat! And she sweat for the next four and a half months. Staying up late, testing out concepts, trying to figure out what she wanted to paint. It took her a couple of months to develop a strong concept.


Brandy working in our basement studio

Once she had the theme, she started some paintings, but then felt like she wasn’t going to be able to pull it off. She seriously considered giving up her show spot to a friend. But, in the end, she rallied, and created five 48 x 60 paintings (her largest to date) and six smaller works (just for fun). The show is called “Whatta Man”—yea, that refers to me.


studio shot by Brad Haynes

Today is the Day!

Rain or shine. Snow or Godzilla El Niño. Today, January 8th, between 6:00 and 8:00 PM, Brandy is having her first art show since 2004. We would love to see you. If you can not make it, the show will be up through March 28th.



Joseph is the proud husband and muse of artist Velvet B. LeMae. He, Brandy and Carmen just returned from a trip to Curacao. Joseph is currently working The Aerie in Denver, Spring Creek and Fall River in Longmont, and had a kick off meeting yesterday for a new micro-unit project in Denver. Today is his 48th birthday which he shares with Elvis Presley, Stephen Hawking, R Kelly, and David Bowie.