8 APR 17 | W8 goes skiing

is that a banana in your pocket? 

A couple of weeks ago, Marcel, Emily, and I had the opportunity to attend the Construction Resource Group’s  9th annual ski trip. The CRG is a coalition of different construction trades who come together to network, share industry news, and make business referrals.

The event was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of CRG’s members, including Anchor Engineering (who we are working with on the Sierra Vista Apartments renovation project and a residential project in the Prospect New Town) and our friends from Builder’s Appliance Center.

W8 ski CRG tent

The event started early in the morning: at 6:30am CRG members, sponsors, and guests met at the park-and-ride station off of I-70 and Morrison where we were all treated to breakfast and morning cocktails. After breakfast, we all proceeded to board a large tour bus which delivered us to A-Basin.

Once we arrived, we were each given a ski pass and off we went. In the meantime, our hosts from CRG fired up a grill and stocked a couple of tents at the base of the mountain with refreshments. The whole event was very well organized; in between runs, we could take a break to grab a snack & talk to some of the event sponsors.

W8 ski Marcel and Ivan at the top
Marcel and me at the top
W8 ski CRG base camp
Camp CRG

Marcel grabbed a banana on his way out the door in the morning, intending to eat it on the bus while the rest of us were indulging in our breakfast burritos. In all the early morning excitement, he completely forgot about the healthy breakfast he had stowed in his pocket, and discovered the forgotten fruit hours later, mashed by a full day of ski runs.

w8 ski marcel and banana mush

With the exception of Marcel’s banana incident, we all had a great time. The event gave us the opportunity to network with a variety peers in the construction industry and we look forward to working with CRG members in the future!

W8 ski emily marcel and ivan
Emily, Marcel, and Ivan enjoying some good skiing with the CRG folks!


Ivan Patino, Architectural Designer
8 April 2017