08 MAR 19 | 7 months in 2 minutes

Fall River in Action

Construction is underway, and we are very excited to see the progress of  Fall River in Longmont, Colorado. Fall River is the second phase of the Prairie Village Affordable Senior Living project WORKSHOP8 is designing for the Longmont Housing Development Corporation (LHDC).

The speed at which a building of this size grows vertically…is surprisingly fast. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the video below to see 7 months of work condensed into 2 minutes.

In a nutshell, the project is a 4 story, 60 unit apartment complex composed of 52 one bedroom and 8 two bedroom units. The building includes community spaces, recreational rooms, and 4 observation decks showing the best views of the mountains.



Toby the coffee lover – Amanda Faith, MEP Engineering, Inc. 
Toby the rockstar – Taylor Roberts, Group14 Engineering.
Toby the coworkers – Rachel Massman, Housing Colorado. 
Toby the gardener – – Leslie Tyson, LT Engineering.


Thanks for reading!

Ivan Patino, Architectural Designer

08 March 2019