WORKSHOP8 provides corporate and public art design!  In fact, when a client comes to us in the midst of a project and asks for an original art piece for either the interior or exterior of their building, we nearly can’t contain our excitement. Currently, we’re working on a 36-foot interior mobile that will be suspended from the ceiling and travel down the center of a curved staircase in the Fall River Apartments. Comprised of 280 acrylic panels with custom W8 graphic overlays, the intent of this art is to promote healthy living and encourage residents to use the stairs. Hence, art can be beautiful and beneficial!

We are so jazzed about public art, so much that we wanted to recognize some very talented artists all around the globe. Sit back, relax, and happy scrolling!

While you’re at it, check WORKSHOP8’s Public Art Portfolio!

Love You Buddy – Maris DuBois

By Chad Knight.

The statue of the son was made of the pieces removed from the statue of the father, representing what parents give in order to build the lives of their children.


Le Grand Van Gogh – Sydney Angel

By Bruno Catalano.

Le Grand Van Gogh is one statue within the series designed by Bruno Catalano. Each statue depicts a person that is “not all there”, which is open for immense interpretation of the viewer.


The Girl and the Balloon – Joseph Vigil

By Bansky.

Banksy is an anonymous British graffiti artist known for his anti-authoritarian art located throughout public places. Remember last year during the Sotheby’s Auction in London when a painting was purchased for $1.4 million, and then immediately and mysteriously shred to pieces? Well, that was Banksy’s act.


The Blue Trees – Megan Stanley

By Konstantin Dimopoulos.

This performance and installation art is intended to provoke discussion about global deforestation. Rest assured that the trunk and branches of live trees are colored blue using a biologically-safe natural pigment in water. You can find blue forests in Denver and Breckenridge Colorado!


One Bucket At A Time – Omar De La Mora

By 5468796 Architecture, Factor Eficiencia and Studio NYL.

This temporary installation was designed as part of Mextrópoli, Mexico City’s four-day architecture festival. Taking 2,500 gray plastic 5-gallon paint buckets and tying them together with yellow nylon rope was a process that required five days to complete. It resulted in a wavelike curve that thousands of visitors climbed, played, and lounged on.


Navy Yard Sea Monster – Alex Parulis

By Group X.

Witness the largest inflatable tentacle sculpture ever created!! Too bad it also is just a temporary installation.


Umbrella Sky Project – Ivan Patino

By Patricia Cunha

It is almost impossible to walk under this alley in Paris and not smile. The umbrellas provide a simple, fun and impactful element to what would otherwise be a shopping structure like any other.


Man In The Clock – Marcel van Garderen

By Maarten Baas.

The Man in the Clock is likely to be exactly what you might think it is. Maarten has a series of performances related to clock-work, where he himself is the ticking-hand. You can find more on his website.


Blue Bear – Brandy LeMae

By Lawrence Argent.

I’m a fan of playful, kitschy art. . . I mean look at what I make. I don’t know if this story is true or not—but I heard that Lawrence hadn’t really intended for the bear to be blue, but he prepared a digitally printed maquette out of blue plastic and when he presented it to the selection committee, they all loved it! If you are a fan of the Blue Bear too, check out the Colorado-based blue bear clothing line inspired by the art and designed by ZeLimited.


Thanks for reading!

Maris DuBois | Studio Manager
18 October 2019