Happy Valentine’s Day! WORKSHOP8 sent out a different kind of valentine this year, sadly without chocolate. Instead, we decided to celebrate Fall River at Prairie Village winning the 2020 Housing Colorado People’s Choice Award! This was a project the team worked very hard on and it turned out spectacular. Watch the video about Fall River and why it won here.

The Fall River team –

Longmont Housing Authority, Krische, Lime Green Design, Brown Civil Engineering, PCD Engineering Services, Anthem Structural Engineers, EnergyLogic, Sustainably Built, Dwelling Development

Everyone at WORKSHOP8 came up with a fun, self-given title to add to our valentine insert.

We are nearing a whole year of pandemic struggles – working from home, zoom, self-isolating, physical distancing, no concerts or shows, alongside everything else we’ve adopted to keep our friends, families and neighbors safe. We want to say thank you to everyone for constantly putting our community’s health first and a big thank you to all of our consultants, clients, and contractors!

ALSO – Happy Birthday to the Queen Bee herself, Brandy LeMae (Feb. 9th)! Thank you Brandy for all that you do for WORKSHOP8!

Sydney Angel | Architectural Designer
14 FEBRUARY 2021