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We define VIABILITY as “addressing the aesthetic, sustainable, and financial feasibility of each project by producing high-quality, cost-efficient, functional designs that are practical and affordable to build and maintain.”

Today we explore VIABILITY and how it is integrated into our culture and our work.

Chelsea Semelka

A beautiful design is not worth much to a client if they cannot afford to build it. It is very important for us to work with clients and contractors to design a beautiful, sustainable, functional and cost-effective building that we can all be proud of. This requires balance, creativity, and a lot of time, but is worth it when we all end up with a project that we love.”

Maris DuBois

I recently attended the Colorado Real Estate Journal 2019 Fall Multifamily Development & Investment Conference and Expo, where I listened to a panel of multifamily developers talk about the daunting, financial stress that they face: the real estate fees, legal fees, permit fees, construction loan interest and fees, architectural costs, and other project expenses. Every aspect of the development is placed under scrutiny, and as many developers are working hard to make good for the community and provide affordable places for people to live, we aim to create high-quality and cost-efficient designs that are affordable to build and maintain, and to make the process as viable as possible for our clients. We also serve as a one-stop-shop providing architecture, interior design, graphic/signage design, and art design, so that our clients don’t have to contract separately for these services, ultimately saving them time and money.”

Matthew Murray

“Whenever we design a building we push for the best products that are affordable, yet practical. This is often hard to accomplish, but WORKSHOP8 strives to give our clients the best for their buck without sacrificing aesthetics.”

Joseph Vigil

As a designer I know I can draw something that would be impossible to build, or that would be inordinately expensive. That is easy. Designing to a specific (modest) budget is a much more difficult task. Since W8 does a lot of work in the affordable housing realm, every design decision must be weighed against its impact to the project and longterm cost implications. There are many times that a design problem can be solved by adding square footage or by spending money. These solutions do not make a project more viable if there is a more cost effective solution that can be developed. We feel it is our responsibility try to make every project as viable as possible, and if we have saved money in the end, there is a much batter chance that the entire process, from start to finish, occurs without undo heartburn and disruption.”

Marcel van Garderen

“Viability is at the core of architecture. How does one design a viable project? Will a project that is viable in one place automatically be viable in another? Viability has to be considered with the start of each project with a clean slate. The designer has to have a great understanding of all the facets of the project. Viability requires a certain amount of flexibility for the owners or tenants to be able to make adjustments to meet their needs as they change.”

Sydney Angel

The first thing I noticed about WORKSHOP8 when I started working here was how high-quality our projects look and how easy the flow is through the buildings. Our buildings truly are works of art that balance aesthetics, sustainability, and affordability.”

Omar de la Mora

WORKSHOP8 works together to address sustainability, aesthetics, and financial feasibilities throughout the construction process. By keeping the client and sustainability in mind, our team delivers projects associating sustainable practices that often contribute to long-term affordability.”

Megan Stanley

A viable project is one which the form and function of the design meet within the borders of the client’s vision and budget. Projects need thoughtful and considerate management and attention to detail in order to meet these standards to please both the client and the design team.”

Brandy LeMae

Walking the fine edge between artistry and viability is a challenge we face every day on every project. Our clients want the coolest design for the least amount of money. Our passion and drive for exploration lead us to always seek elegant yet affordable solutions. This is the benefit of working with WORKSHOP8. This is how we live our values and strive to fulfill our purpose as an organization.”

Alex Parulis

“We always want to make the best choices for our clients, but this is no easy task. Where does the value of a project lay? Different clients have different expectations, and it is up to us to decipher those wants and needs based on a particular budget. There is value in creating something beautiful, and that doesn’t mean we must sacrifice functionality and affordability.”

Ivan Patino

“Viability is challenging. Clients often hire Architects to unleash their creative thinking with the intent to bring their vision into reality. Balancing vision(s) and expectations with budget and regulations are some of the reasons that make viability difficult. With all things considered, if a project is “to come to life,” it is crucial for the design team to adapt and find ways to overcome incoming challenges. W8‘s flexibility and creativity are essential to our viability.”

Cesar Gellido

One example of viability in WORKSHOP8 was the decision to bring spec writing in-house. By having a better understanding of the materials that go into our drawing documents and writing the specs, this helps ensure a project meets the original design intent and viability.”


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Maris DuBois | Studio Manager
28 December 2019