8 SEP 14 | rebuilding jamestown


Last week Joseph posted about Lycra and Lyons to advocate for the Cyclist4Lyons event happening THIS weekend in Lyons Bohn Park (music, bike riding and beer – what more do you need?!).

Today, we will reflect on the 2013 floods that affected so many of our surrounding Colorado towns and tell you about one of our current projects: The Jamestown Volunteer Fire Station.

Jamestown was one of the hardest hit towns during last year’s floods; the small town of 300 lost 20% of their homes, 50% of the roads, both of their bridges, the water plant, fire station, and most devastatingly, Joe Howlett, the community’s patriarch. 90% of the community was forced to re-locate, with only a 50% return thus far.

Photos from The Denver Post.

Although small, Jamestown is tough and resilient. They’ve worked hard over the past year to begin the rebuilding process of their beloved town. When the RFQ for the new fire station in Jamestown came out, WORKSHOP8 jumped on it. In June, Faurot Construction and WORKSHOP8 were awarded the fire station and quickly started this as a Design/Build fast-track project, moving forward with a concept already designed by the Fire Chief.

Town’s concept design.

WORKSHOP8 worked closely with Jamestown to develop their concept design into a building reflective of both the community and the resiliency of the town. We developed a series of iterations which were refined and tailored to fit the vernacular and aesthetic of Jamestown.



Final Design.

The final design includes a 4-truck bay garage, office space and storage space above. Faurot Construction will be using an innovative composite concrete wall system similar to Thermomass. Corrugated metal siding, metal roofing and concrete walls in a fully-sprinklered building define the new structure as a fire station and as a beacon for safety in the community. JVA has designed the site so that water will properly drain around the building to the southeast, with a series of gabion walls on the northwestern edge which will block a large amount of future flooding from even entering the site. Elements of the previous fire station, such as the fire pole, will be kept as details paying homage to the past.

Construction is scheduled to start in the next couple of weeks and we couldn’t be more excited to get this project built for Jamestown.

Faurot Construction and WORKSHOP8 meet with the community in Jamestown.

The town will be hosting an open house this Friday, September 12th, from 3-8pm at the Town Hall. A brief address will be given by the Mayor at 6pm, in addition to a slideshow, labyrinth built from flood rocks, and a community art project titled “One Million Faces“. Join WORKSHOP8 in celebrating the strength and community of Jamestown! Let’s keep building!