8 JUL 15 | stanley candy

WORKSHOP8 kicked off design work on the Stanley Marketplace project in September 2014 after interviewing for the project in April 2014. If you follow the WORKSHOP8 Facebook page, you would have seen our post about the “big interview” where we featured an image of the briefcase full of beer that we took with us for our first introduction to Flightline Ventures and White Construction.

Stanley Beers

We’ve be working away on this super cool project for ten months now and we (well, actually our most awesome intern, Adam Meis) just finished some glossy renderings to show off. . . just a little Stanley “eye candy” for your hump-day pleasure.

Main Entry

Stanley SE Courtyard

The City of Aurora City Council recently voted to designate the Stanley Aviation building as Local Historic Landmark #27. The architectural approach to the exterior of the building was to honor the existing architecture by not add too much “fluff.” The main entry is designed around a huge bi-fold door which will allow for an open marketplace feel during Colorado’s warm days. Red awnings add some visual interest and will provide shade to outdoor diners.

West Entry

Stanley Control Tower

The west entry features an observation deck affectionately known as the “control tower,” an homage to Stapleton International Airport history. An on-site equipment hoist (seen in the far left of the rendering) will serve as a “chapel” for weddings held at the Stanley Event Center operated by the Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group.

Main Interior

Stanley Interior Rendering

The main entry interior features the existing Stanley Aviation management office (where the men in suits used to looked down over the manufacturing line). We’ve affectionally dubbed this the “Mad Men Suite!” The dark red stripes on the concrete floor are left over from the manufacturing days and represent the walk area between manufacturing equipment. The columns and ceiling will remain as they are now to honor the history of the space. We plan to add column numbers to the visible columns as a fun way-finding mechanism. The “SM” mural on the back wall is reminiscent of the mid-century art of Herbert Bayer.

What’s Next

White Construction has started the demolition, the project is into the City of Aurora for permitting, and we are all looking forward to the Grand Opening in 2016!!

Stay tuned for updates on the project by either reading our newsletters, signing up for Stanley Newsletters, following WORKSHOP8 on Facebook or following the Stanley Marketplace on Facebook. If you REALLY LOVE the project. . . you could do all four!