18 JAN 16 | poster child

Amanda Lohry was our student intern for the Fall semester and she made this poster to commemorate her time with us. (It was also an assignment from her school, although if she hadn’t done this, Brandy would probably have asked her to write a blog, so she kinda got off easy.)

amanda's poster

Amanda’s “workmester” (get it? work + semester) included 500 hours of working with us all within 12 weeks. She had three assignments that her school required she complete during that time (the poster was one).

during her time with us, Amanda:

spent 41 of her hours traveling to meetings,
attended 13 OAC meetings at Spring Creek,
spent 3 days at the AIA Colorado Conference, and
undertook 5 filing projects for Brandy.

Through that, W8 posted 10 blog posts, and
hosted 1 holiday party where we all got matching W8 hoodies.


She experienced 8 different warrior cries to wrap up internal meetings.

Arnold_Schwarzenegger pumping up W8

Think: “I gonna pump you up!” We feel just like Arnold after internal meetings. This image from musclesplus.blogspot.com illustrates that point. 

Amanda also documented some of her experiences in Colorado outside of the office, my favorite of which was her one YMCA spin cycle class, where “people were fully dressed in their biking competition costumes.”

I’m glad Amanda missed us gearing up for the 2016 Triple Bypass ride (hint hint, maybe we’re doing that again…) or she’d have really thought we were weird!

Two things Amanda noted about our office culture that were very insightful:

office culture = chocolate

mm dispenser 600

This is very true. In fact, we just got an automatic M&M dispenser. Total luxury. It’s almost empty. 

pizza: the flow chart

Emily asks either Marcel, Ivan or me (and occasionally Kate) if we want to go get pizza slices from Brooklyn Pizza.

Marcel asks Emily or Ivan if they want to get pizza.

Ivan asks Shawn and Emily.

I ask Joseph, Kate, or Emily.

Kate always says no because she’s disciplined.

Sometimes a couple W8ers will go get pizza and bring it back to the office, and then everyone else regrets their decision not to make the 2-block trek once the rest of us smell the amazing cheesy, garlic aroma.

[note: this has all changed since everyone has New Year’s resolutions of becoming incredibly fit and healthy as oxen, but up until December 31, this was accurate]

Come to think of it, a 4-block round trip hike burns how many calories? I’m sure it’s close to one slice…




Amanda Lohry was our student intern from Canada who spent the whole fall semester of 2015 putting up with our shenanigans here at WORKSHOP8 and learning about what it’s like to work in a real live architecture studio. She’s now in her final year of the Architecture and Planning program at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

*I, Melissa, wrote this post since Amanda is back at school, but you wanted to hear about her, right?? Thought so.