8 may 16 | hope you enjoyed mother’s day

this one goes out to
all you workin’ moms


This is the best photo I could get of us today.

Yesterday my daughter turned 15. She is an only child. She is smart, and cute, and funny. She’s a good kid in that she doesn’t party and she takes school fairly seriously. She’s not into sports and is basically a couch potato (just like her mom). And (just like her mom), she doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. She has had several ideas over the years including: Cirque du Soleil performer, second grade teacher, forensic scientist, FBI agent, and attorney. One thing she knows for sure, is she DOES NOT want to be a designer. . .  or maybe she just doesn’t want to be a business owner.

Don’t get me wrong, she appreciates good design, but since she has grown up alongside WORKSHOP8 (Joseph and I started the business when I was pregnant), she has heard way too much about every win, every loss, and every struggle since day one. As I reflect back over the last 15 years, I wonder if I have given too much attention to WORKSHOP8 and not enough attention to Carmen. This is the struggle of working moms (especially entrepreneurial ones) the world over.

But, we did take the opportunity this weekend to get some quality TV watching in, I hope you got to do what ever you like best too.

now for a little trip back in time












May 7th 2001,
the day my life changed forever.


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Brandy LeMae
8 May 2016