8 MAR 18 | news from the Gateway

Gateway at Sun Valley

For the last few months, our studio has had the feeling of a kid’s dreamland of legos, play dough, and finger paint, but the version for grown up design geeks (because basically, that’s what we are). We’ve had to amp up the snack supply around the office because we’ve all been spending a little extra time here and don’t want anyone to go hungry in design-land. So what have all of the veggie chips and trail mix and chocolate bars been fueling?

Sun Valley Gateway! Denver Housing Authority has gotten quite a bit of press on this giant undertaking of theirs. In collaboration with Sun Valley Ecodistrict, DHA’s $240M investment in the neighborhood is expected to spur private investment in the area as well, with a total investment amount anticipated near $500-$600M. A project with this type of transformative potential is exciting to be involved in in any capacity, but we’re even more thrilled to have been selected to design the Gateway phase: the welcoming entry to the newly redeveloped neighborhood.

We began this exciting project with two buildings of mixed use, mixed income apartments that sandwich 10th Avenue. These include 185 units, a blend of 1 and 2 bedroom flats and 3, 4, and 5 bedroom two-story units. In Gateway South, there will be GROW market, a fresh food market to serve the neighborhood.

Grow Market 001

Gateway Site Plan

Patrick did these great renderings and also made a video so you can see what Gateway is going to be like from a fly-through perspective. It’s pretty cool!

Gateway video


While we’re still working on designing these two buildings, we got the additional task of designing the Gateway Row Homes. These six units will be for sale upon completion.

Gateway Rowhouses

After that, we got tasked with designing the GROW gardens, a community garden that is a few blocks away and will provide a lot of fresh produce for the GROW fresh food market in Gateway South.

We are grateful to be able to be a part of such a community-driven, impactful transformation! Keep an eye out for more updates from Gateway.



Melissa McGinley, Graphic Designer / Business Development / Marketing Manager / Studio Manager
08 March 2018